Wish List

Parish Wish List 

Any help that you could give to cover one (or part of one) of these expenses would be greatly appreciated. Please call Connie at (920) 652-7825 or email to: [email protected] if you are able to assist us with covering these expenses or if you have any questions about an item. Thank you for your consideration.


Description of Item & Cost:

Refinish Ciborium (Waldo site) $400

Laptop Computer for Business Manager $800

Laptop Computer for Parish Office $800

Zoom Video Conferencing Subscription (3) at $150 each

75" Smart TV for Damascus Center/Life Teen: $1,200

Church Media Upgrade - Laser Projector: $5,743

Church Media Upgrade - Long-Throw Projector Lens: $2,293

Church Media Upgrade - HD Camera: $2,587

Church Media Upgrade - Camera Controller: $1,888

Church Media Upgrade - HP 27" Monitor: (2) at $155 each

Church Media Upgrade - HP 24" Monitor: (2) at $125 each

Church Media Upgrade - HP Pavilion Desktop Computer: (2) at $600 each

Church Media Upgrade - Sound Board: $2,488

Church Media Upgrade - Media Player: $634

Church Media Upgrade - Bluetooth Antenna: $310

20v Dewalt Jigsaw: $160

I-Mop Floor Scrubber (2) at $5,300 each 

Four-Door Pick-up Truck (Used & In Good Working Order)

Radio Broadcast Mass Sponsor $310 each Sunday


Calvary Cemetery & Chapel Mausoleum:

Cemetery Section Identification Bench $20-$1,500 (any gift amount)

Cemetery Road Repair Fund $20-$2,500 (any gift amount)

Flower Garden Fund $20-$100 (any gift amount