Volunteer/Virtus Training

Volunteers, we can’t do it without you!

All employees (regardless of position or job title) and all adult volunteers who will have contact with children, young people and individuals at risk are required by the Green Bay Diocese to be trained in the Virtus program:

1.  Complete an online application in which:

  • You provide the Diocese with professional and personal references

  • You complete, sign and date the appropriate declaration form

  • You authorize a criminal background check and receive a satisfactory report

To complete the online application, go to:  www.gbdioc.org

Roll over "Protecting Our Children"

Click on "Background Checks"

Click on "eAppsDB" link

Use access code "gbdioc04" where requested

2.  Register and attend the VIRTUS Protecting God's Children Adult Awareness Training.

To register for this training, go to:  www.gbdioc.org

Roll over "Protecting Our Children"

Click on "VIRTUS"

Click on "VIRTUS online"

Several sessions are offered throughout the Diocese at various dates and times.

3.  Sign the Agreement Form in which you agree to follow and adhere to Our Promise to Protect (employees) or the Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct for Volunteers (volunteers).

NOTE:  The online application should be completed before attending a VIRTUS session.

For more information, or to ask questions, contact George or Dawn Jacobsen at (920) 242-2436.

Virtus Training Sessions

For a list of VIRTUS Training Sessions in our area, click here.

For more information on the VIRTUS Program, contact George Jacobsen at 920-918-3807 or [email protected] or Dawn Jacobsen at (920) 242-2436 or [email protected].

There are many groups and organizations within our parish and opportunities to be involved on various levels.  Click here for a complete listing!  

Click on the link below which includes detailed instructions for adult volunteer applicants: