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News & Business Updates:


  • Willing to help & pick up scrip at HFM once a week?
  • We have Cravings certificates 6 @ $10. Would love to sell these! 
  • We have Silver Valley certificates 2 @ $10. Would love to sell these!
  • Willing to order or volunteer? Please call Ann at (920) 652-7835.



Patsy’s Mobil in Two Rivers is now under new ownership and will no longer be part of the scrip program.  They will take any certificates you may have on hand for a short time.

Reminder the walk in window is now open for scrip sales 8 to 12:30 each weekday morning.

Roncalli School families you should have received your final scrip report on or about July 2nd.  Please check your spam box if you do not see it.  The new scrip year starts on July 1st.  IF YOU DO NOT have a new scrip agreement on hand your account will become inactive. Many families have sent theirs in already but if you have not please sign the form as soon as possible.  Agreement form can be found on the St. Francis of Assisi website under the scrip tab.

Any questions please contact the scrip office at 652-7835 or email us at [email protected]


Vendor UpdateKwik Trip is offering a 12% rebate on its gift cards with a flash sale.  I have placed the order (had to be done by May 27th and have ordered all denominations). I ordered as much as we could afford so cards will be available while supplies last.  I would expect 2-3 weeks at a minimum.

Due to lack of sales (none in the last 2 years) Green Acres has been discontinued.

Gills is closing June 19th, please use any gift certificates you have by that date, also we do still have a few certificates on hand.  If you will be going there one last time before they close please consider helping us out and purchasing some certificates.  THANK YOU!

Walk in sales will resume at the parish office beginning on Monday, June 14th.  Hours remain 8am-12:30pm each weekday morning.  These are the same hours as the parish office is open.  We hope to resume sales after Mass later this summer.  We could use some more volunteers at the office.  Training will be provided.  If interested please call the scrip office at 920-652-7835.  THANK YOU for considering this ministry.

Vendor update:

Effective immediately, Starbuck’s will be lowering their rebate amount from 7% to 4.5%.

Please welcome Rummele’s Jewelry to our list of vendors.  They will NOT be doing gift certificates but you can pay our bill with scrip.  Please send your bill (or a copy of it) to the scrip office with your check made out to scrip and we will go to Rummele’s and pay the bill for you.  Rebate amount is 5%.

Hallman Paints: They have changed how they are doing scrip.  Rebate remains at 10% but they will no longer allow bill payment.  You must purchase gift certificates from us ahead of time.  Certificates can be ordered in $25, $50 or $100 increments on the weekly order form.

Scrip remains available for pick up by calling or emailing us ahead of time at (920) 652-7835 or [email protected]

Order forms and other details regarding how scrip works are available on our website:


KWIK TRIP: thanks to a special flash sale of gift cards from Kwik Trip to our scrip program we were able to purchase gift cards at a 20% rebate!  The flash sale was only for 3 days so we ordered as much of the cards as we could afford and will pass the rebate along while supplies last.  I would expect it to last at least through the end of the month. Denominations available are $5, $10, $50, $50 and $100.

Please continue to call ahead or email your order for pick up.  There are no walk-in sales at the parish office at this time. 

Our direct line phone number is (920) 652-7835 and our email address is [email protected]