Scrip News

News & Business Updates:

Vendor update:

Effective immediately, Starbuck’s will be lowering their rebate amount from 7% to 4.5%.

Please welcome Rummele’s Jewelry to our list of vendors.  They will NOT be doing gift certificates but you can pay our bill with scrip.  Please send your bill (or a copy of it) to the scrip office with your check made out to scrip and we will go to Rummele’s and pay the bill for you.  Rebate amount is 5%.

Hallman Paints: They have changed how they are doing scrip.  Rebate remains at 10% but they will no longer allow bill payment.  You must purchase gift certificates from us ahead of time.  Certificates can be ordered in $25, $50 or $100 increments on the weekly order form.

Scrip remains available for pick up by calling or emailing us ahead of time at (920) 652-7835 or [email protected]

Order forms and other details regarding how scrip works are available on our website:


KWIK TRIP: thanks to a special flash sale of gift cards from Kwik Trip to our scrip program we were able to purchase gift cards at a 20% rebate!  The flash sale was only for 3 days so we ordered as much of the cards as we could afford and will pass the rebate along while supplies last.  I would expect it to last at least through the end of the month. Denominations available are $5, $10, $50, $50 and $100.

Please continue to call ahead or email your order for pick up.  There are no walk-in sales at the parish office at this time. 

Our direct line phone number is (920) 652-7835 and our email address is [email protected]


Dunkin Donuts gift cards are now available for purchase in the scrip office. We have $10 gift cards in stock and $25 cards can be ordered.  They are giving back 3%.

Baskin Robbins is also available.  They do not do the traditional plastic gift cards but I can order on an as needed basis e-certificates for Baskin Robbins that are emailed to the scrip office and printed out for your use.  These certificates can be ordered in increments of $5 starting at a minimum of $5.  The rebate on these certificates is 2%.

Please remember to call or email the scrip office with your orders and with any questions you might have.   There are no walk in sales for scrip at the parish office at this time. We will be happy to help you with your holiday shopping.  Let us order the gift cards for you and you can stay safe and out of multiple stores and let the parish makes some much needed funds with the gift card sales. 


Lucky Bamboo has increased their rebate back to St. Francis to 10%.

Available from now until December 28th or while supplies last our scrip clearing house will be offering some lower denomination cards that are not normally available.  These cards will need to be ordered and will not be kept in stock in the scrip office.  You may call or email your order to the scrip office or drop off your order at the parish office (after hours please use the mail slot to the side of the front door.
Low cards denomination specials:  Amazon, Applebee’s, Meijer, Olive Garden, Target and Walmart in $10 increments and Barnes and Noble, Panera Bread, Starbucks and Taco Bell will be available for order in $5 increments.  Regular denominations are still available as usual.

Let scrip be your one stop shopping for the holidays instead of going to multiple stores.  You can also order from store websites using your gift card.  Your credit card numbers are then kept safe.

Contact us with any questions at 652-7835 or email us at [email protected]


The first scrip reports were emailed to families over a 2 day period last Thursday and Friday. If you had scrip credit AND your signed scrip agreement you should have received a report. If you did not
get a report and feel you should have, please contact the scrip office. The Roncalli Catholic Schools system will receive the credit amounts and payments shortly so if you have any questions
on your report please let us know asap. Also of note, during the pandemic we have had to order slightly different, some nationwide vendors that we normally order directly from to get a higher
rebate where shut down or limited on ordering so we went to Great Lakes, a nationwide clearing house, in order to get those vendors in house. Most vendors are getting back on track and we will
hopefully be able to begin ordering from vendors with higher rebate percentages soon. We are also still limited on days of the week that we can place orders from Great Lakes. They are hoping to
open that up before the holidays. The pandemic prevented us from having informational meetings for new parents about scrip. It is not too late to sign up or to grow your scrip rebates. Please contact us if you would like more
information about scrip and how it can help you lower your school expenses. The pandemic also changed our shopping habits as we were not traveling as much or eating out as much etc. We are
changing to a fiscal year reporting system this year so the scrip year will go to June 30th of 2021 so you have more time to add to your rebates using your everyday shopping and hopefully make up
for some of the unexpected changes the pandemic brought with it. We did have 2 families that had rebates in the $700+ range and 1 in the $800+ range so there are endless possibilities for what you
can earn by being diligent. Christmas shopping will be coming up soon, that is a great time to add to your rebates. Instead of going into the stores let us help you with a gift certificate to give or to
use when ordering on line so that you don’t have to give out your credit card information. has a complete list of all vendors available from them on their website due to
space limitations our weekly order form only lists the local businesses and the most often ordered out of town vendors. You can check out their website or give us a call to see if a vendor is available.
At this time the only vendor that lets you pay your store credit card account using scrip is Kohls. The cards we have are their fundraising gift cards so while a regular Kohls card cannot be used for
payment the scrip cards can. Watch for your next newsletter for more information about the new app that Shop with Scrip has and some other changes that are upcoming. If you would like more information about using the
app or setting up you own account online before that newsletter please contact us.

Thank you, Angela and Cindi

You can always contact us at 652-7835 or [email protected], we are in the office 8-1230
each weekday. 


Kwik Trip will be offering a 10% rebate back to the parish and school from now until the end of September.  This includes all denominations $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 cards.  After September 30th the rebate will go back to the usual 5%.

PDQ has raised their prices.  Effective immediately the price of the Full Service is $25 and the Manager Specials are $33.  This is an increase of $2 for each service.  Rebate percent remains unchanged.

Walk in sales have not yet returned for scrip.  Please call ahead (652-7835) or email us at [email protected] to place your scrip order.  Please note that since school is now open we will be in an out in the mornings picking up, filling and returning the elementary and middle school scrip orders.  If calling in, please leave your name and phone number along with your order and we will call you back when the order is ready.  We will respond to emails before and after we are at the schools.   Orders placed after 9am may not be ready until the next day.


We will be emailing out scrip reports for the scrip year that just ended on May 15th to all families we have an email address for.  If you do not receive a report by May 25th it may be that we do not have an email address on file.  Feel free to contact the scrip office at 652-7835 or [email protected] if you do not receive a report or have any questions.  St. Francis will continue to run a scrip program to benefit the parish and the Roncalli Catholic Schools and its students.  Families will need to fill out a registration form to be included in the new scrip year.  The agreement form can be found on the parish website under the scrip tab.  It will also be sent out with your reports and/or from Roncalli FACTS.  CREDIT WILL NOT be placed into your account unless we have an agreement form on file.  Forms can be emailed back to the scrip office, mailed to the scrip office at 601 N 8th St. or dropped off in the drop box at the parish office.

Roncalli Catholic Schools Scrip Agreement Form 2020-2021




Effective immediately Holy Family has suspended its scrip gift card program until May 18th, 2020.  I will be able to order on that day for pick up later in the week.  You can still drop off HFM orders if you would like to but please note you will not receive them until sometime the week of May 18th.  Sorry for any inconvenience  but it is part of the COVID-19 closings and procedures.


Effective immediately Holy Family has suspended its scrip gift card program until April 20th , 2020. I will be able to order on that day for pick up later in the week. You can still drop off HFM orders if you would like but please note you will not receive them until sometime the week of April 20th . Sorry for any inconvenience but it is part of the Covid 19 closings and procedures.


Due to the corona virus, scrip walk in sales at the parish office will be limited to Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. until 12 noon for only gas and groceries beginning Tuesday, March 17th. Larger purchases or other vendors can be still be ordered for scheduled pick up time.

Please note if you do not want to come into the office you may call the scrip office, email the scrip office or drop your order off in the drop box at the side of the front door. We will contact you when the order is ready for pick up, generally within 24 hours. Please put payment in with your dropped off orders. Orders called or emailed in can pay when picked up.

Please note due to the ever-changing situation of the world right now, orders may take longer to get here from our suppliers. We will do our best to take care of all orders that come our way during this time. Please let your family and friends that purchase scrip for you know of this schedule change. This schedule will stay in effect until the schools  open back up. Please watch for other communications should the need arise to change the current schedule of sales.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.



KWIK TRIP is running another 10% sale on their gift cards.  Starting Feb. 1 until Feb 28th all Kwik Trip gift cards purchased will receive a rebate of 10% rather than the usual 5%.  This is a great time to add more rebates to your account.

Thank you to Patti Dempsky for picking up, helping to fill and returning the school scrip orders on Tuesdays since the start of the school year, she is unable to continue with a change in her work schedule.  We are very appreciative of Patti’s help this year. Thank you to Jennifer Kozak for stepping in and helping us out on Tuesdays going forward.

Second grade parents have or will be receiving a coupon for 10% off for the Greatest Gift.  Scrip can be ordered for the Greatest Gift your upcoming First Communion needs including dresses.  You may use the coupon along with scrip!

Don’t forget with the ever increasing cost of tuition, scrip is more important then ever.  The scrip year will end on May 15th, you have until then to add to your scrip credit.  This is as close to “free money” as you can get. You pay no more than you regularly do for your normal expenses such as gas and groceries and the vendors return rebates to St. Francis for your account.  Be assured Scrip will be around with the change to Roncalli Catholic Schools. Details are being finalized now and more information will follow.

Any questions please contact the scrip office at 652-7835 or email us at [email protected].

Cindi and Angela