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News & Business Updates:


We will be emailing out scrip reports for the scrip year that just ended on May 15th to all families we have an email address for.  If you do not receive a report by May 25th it may be that we do not have an email address on file.  Feel free to contact the scrip office at 652-7835 or [email protected] if you do not receive a report or have any questions.  St. Francis will continue to run a scrip program to benefit the parish and the Roncalli Catholic Schools and its students.  Families will need to fill out a registration form to be included in the new scrip year.  The agreement form can be found on the parish website under the scrip tab.  It will also be sent out with your reports and/or from Roncalli FACTS.  CREDIT WILL NOT be placed into your account unless we have an agreement form on file.  Forms can be emailed back to the scrip office, mailed to the scrip office at 601 N 8th St. or dropped off in the drop box at the parish office.

Roncalli Catholic Schools Scrip Agreement Form 2020-2021




Effective immediately Holy Family has suspended its scrip gift card program until May 18th, 2020.  I will be able to order on that day for pick up later in the week.  You can still drop off HFM orders if you would like to but please note you will not receive them until sometime the week of May 18th.  Sorry for any inconvenience  but it is part of the COVID-19 closings and procedures.


Effective immediately Holy Family has suspended its scrip gift card program until April 20th , 2020. I will be able to order on that day for pick up later in the week. You can still drop off HFM orders if you would like but please note you will not receive them until sometime the week of April 20th . Sorry for any inconvenience but it is part of the Covid 19 closings and procedures.


Due to the corona virus, scrip walk in sales at the parish office will be limited to Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. until 12 noon for only gas and groceries beginning Tuesday, March 17th. Larger purchases or other vendors can be still be ordered for scheduled pick up time.

Please note if you do not want to come into the office you may call the scrip office, email the scrip office or drop your order off in the drop box at the side of the front door. We will contact you when the order is ready for pick up, generally within 24 hours. Please put payment in with your dropped off orders. Orders called or emailed in can pay when picked up.

Please note due to the ever-changing situation of the world right now, orders may take longer to get here from our suppliers. We will do our best to take care of all orders that come our way during this time. Please let your family and friends that purchase scrip for you know of this schedule change. This schedule will stay in effect until the schools  open back up. Please watch for other communications should the need arise to change the current schedule of sales.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.



KWIK TRIP is running another 10% sale on their gift cards.  Starting Feb. 1 until Feb 28th all Kwik Trip gift cards purchased will receive a rebate of 10% rather than the usual 5%.  This is a great time to add more rebates to your account.

Thank you to Patti Dempsky for picking up, helping to fill and returning the school scrip orders on Tuesdays since the start of the school year, she is unable to continue with a change in her work schedule.  We are very appreciative of Patti’s help this year. Thank you to Jennifer Kozak for stepping in and helping us out on Tuesdays going forward.

Second grade parents have or will be receiving a coupon for 10% off for the Greatest Gift.  Scrip can be ordered for the Greatest Gift your upcoming First Communion needs including dresses.  You may use the coupon along with scrip!

Don’t forget with the ever increasing cost of tuition, scrip is more important then ever.  The scrip year will end on May 15th, you have until then to add to your scrip credit.  This is as close to “free money” as you can get. You pay no more than you regularly do for your normal expenses such as gas and groceries and the vendors return rebates to St. Francis for your account.  Be assured Scrip will be around with the change to Roncalli Catholic Schools. Details are being finalized now and more information will follow.

Any questions please contact the scrip office at 652-7835 or email us at [email protected].

Cindi and Angela

October 18, 2019

It is hard to believe it is the middle of October already.  It is time for some reminders to our families before we get into the holidays.

Did you know that everything in the scrip boxes has been purchased by St. Francis for your shopping needs?   As our funds are not unlimited, we do not have an unlimited amount of vendor gift cards.  Please keep your daily orders to 10-12 of each individual vendor at a time.  If you need more than this please place a weekly order.  We than have your money and can order just want you need.  If something comes up unexpectedly, please call or email the scrip office with what you need and we will see what we can do to help.  It may be a vendor that we can reload or get a scrip now for example. We are trying to be fair to all our families.

Weekly orders are due at the schools on Friday mornings by 9am and at the parish office Fridays at noon when we close.  We order on Monday mornings before the orders come over from school so it is generally to late then.  The orders will be returned as soon as possible.

Please submit your dental or orthodontic bills along with your payment.  We are generally paying a number of bills at the same time and this helps the dental/orthodontic offices credit your account correctly.  When paying bills or purchasing scrip for the office sales our checks need two signatures. Since the priests are often out of the office for Mass, funerals etc. it can take several days to get the checks singed.  Please give us time to get your payments to the various offices.

This year the shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas is as short as it can because of where Thanksgiving falls.  Christmas is a great time to really up your rebate amounts as many vendors have extra rebates.  Please watch for newsletters over the holiday season to help you get the most from your shopping.   The limited addition special denomination cards for some of our vendors are now available to be ordered.  I can order them until Dec. 23rd or until supply lasts.  Great Lakes has sold out of some of these vendors in the past. Available as $5 cards are Barnes & Noble, Panera, Starbucks and Taco Bell.  Available as $10 cards are Amazon, Applebee’s, CVS, Darden (Olive Garden), Home Depot, IHOP, Meier, Outback, Red Lobster, Target and Walmart.  Since this is a limited sale we will not be changing our order forms.  Please order these special cards on a weekly order form by writing your needs on page 2.  We will send home as soon as we have the cards.  These make great stocking stuffing, teacher gifts and others who you just want to give a little something to.          

Last year we had a number of snow days so thinking ahead: if there is no school due to the weather the parish office may or may not be closed also.  If the parish office is open and you feel it is safe to be out, scrip will be sold at the office.  For 2 hour late starts scrip orders will be collected and filled as usual and returned back to the school on Monday to Thurs.  On Fridays there WILL NOT be sales at the school campuses if we have a late start.  The same procedure as the other days of the week will take place.  Walk in sales will only be at the parish office until noon.

Any questions or concerns please call or email us at 652-7835 or [email protected] respectively. 

Angela and Cindi

September 4, 2019

Starting September 8th until September 30th, Kwik Trip will be offering a 10% rebate (instead of the usual 5%). 

All Kwik Trip scrip cards purchased during this timeframe will receive the bonus rebate amount! 

April 5, 2019

BEGINNING April 6 until May 24th or while supplies last, the Great Lakes Scrip Center is offering special low denomination gift cards.  These lower denomination cards are great for teacher gifts, graduation gifts, Mother’s and Father’s day and of course don’t forget those Easter Baskets.  We will have to order these cards so just write them in on your weekly order form and we will send home as soon as they are in. The rebate amounts are the same as the traditional gift cards.  

Low denomination cards that can be ordered during this time frame:

Amazon $10 Applebees $10 Barnes and Noble $5 Blimpie $5

Cold Stone $5 CVS $10 Olive Garden $10 Home Depot $10

IHOP $10 Meijer $10 Outback Steakhouse $10 Panera Bread $5

Red Lobster $10 Regal $10 Safeway $10 Starbucks $5

Target $10 Taco Bell $5 Walmart $10



January 18, 2019

Kwik Trip Quick Sale at Mass Next Weekend:

We will be holding a “quick sale” of the $20 Kwik Trip cards the weekend of January 26/27 after all Masses. Bring your $20 bill (or check) hand it to the volunteer and receive your card. This will only take a few seconds of you time and for each $20 card sold this weekend we will make $3. What an easy way to support our parish and school. If you wish school credit or have other scrip to purchase please visit the scrip table. If you have any questions in regards to the quick sale please contact the parish office.

Don't Forget: For the rest of the month of January, Kwik Trip is offering a 15% rebate instead of their normal 5%. At a rebate of 3 X normal it is a great opportunity to really increase our scrip rebates.




Thursday, Dec. 13th the parish office will be open for scrip sales from 4 to 7pm.

Friday, Dec. 14th is the last day to turn in weekly orders to ensure delivery by Christmas. Orders need to be turned in to the schools by 9am or the parish office by 12 noon.

Friday, Dec. 14th is also the last day we can order the special low denomination cards being offered by Great Lakes. Those vendors offering special denominations are: Amazon $10 Panera $5 Applebees $10 Starbucks $5 Barnes and Noble $5 Target $10 CVS $10 Taco Bell $5 Olive Garden $10 Walmart $10 Red Lobster $10

Due to the scrip centers, Great Lakes, Kwik Trip, Menards and Kohls limited business and shipping hours between Christmas and New Year’s Day, weekly orders placed the week of Dec 17th to Dec 21th that would normally process on the 24th will not process until the 26th . We will probably not have deliveries from these vendor centers until after Jan. 1st. Please plan ahead accordingly.

Normal daily sales will be held Monday, Dec 24th 8am until noon, Wed. and Thurs. Dec 26th and 27th 8am to 4pm and Friday Dec. 29th 8am until noon. There will be limited hours those days from the scrip coordinators on the 26th and 27th. Dec. 31th scrip will be sold 8am until 4pm. We will be closed on Jan. 1st and resume regular hours on Jan. 2nd .

Don’t forget we do have scrip now and card reloads on various vendors from Great Lakes. Please call at 652-7835 or email us at [email protected] and let us see how we can help you will your last minute shopping. Merry Christmas, Cindi and Angela



I am sure you have noticed all the Christmas ads, the trees and decorations up in stores and more announcing that Christmas is coming.  An even bigger sign is that the Great Lakes Scrip Center has released its list of special low denominations cards available for order now and until Dec. 14th or while supplies last.  These special order cards can be written in on your weekly order and will be ordered along with our regular order on Mondays.  Because this is a short term event, the low denominations will not be updated on the weekly form so please keep this list for reference.  All vendors are plastic gift cards at the usual rebate percent, only the denomination has changed.  These cards make great stocking stuffers, mailman, hairdresser and teacher gifts.  These low denominations are available for order now:

Amazon $10                                                                                                       Panera $5

Applebees $10                                                                                                  Starbucks $5

Barnes and Noble $5                                                                                      Target $10

CVS $10                                                                                                                Taco Bell $5

Olive Garden $10                                                                                             Walmart $10

Red Lobster $10

New Vendor:

Scheels is now available from Great Lakes.  They come in $25 cards at 8%.  They are not reloadable and scrip now is not available for Scheels at this time.

Discontinued:  Popps Riverwalk has left the scrip program.  Popps Harbortown and University BP remain on scrip.

The parish office is open this year on Friday, Nov. 23rd 8-12.  Scrip will be available.

Don’t forget to get those extra gas and grocery cards for your holiday trips and meal planning.  Christmas is a great time to really add to your rebate amounts.

Looking for a different vendor or dollar amount?  Please call the scrip office and we will see if we can help you.  We may be able to do a scrip now or a reload to get you the dollar amount you want.  Remember the office is only staffed 25 hours a week.  We will return your message or email as soon as we are back in the office.

WEEKLY ORDERS!!!!!!  We have been getting a lot of weekly orders in on Mondays either dropped off at the office or from school.  These orders are usually here too late to order on Mondays, checks have been written and vendors called.  This means they will not be ordered until the following Monday to come in that week.  Expect about a 10 day wait for those orders.  Orders are technically due on Fridays at noon when the parish office closes.  We will try to add any orders dropped off after mass at any of the sites on weekends.

Please contact us at 652-7835 or email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Cindi and Angela




Silver Valley Country Store has a new owner.  We are in discussions about their continuing to be a part of the scrip program.  We should have an answer in 2 weeks, so for the time being we cannot process any Silver Valley Country Store orders.  We hope to have them back soon.

HFM gift cards:  Holy Family is having some difficulty with some of their machines to read gift cards.  They are actively trying to replace them.  At this time the machines at Lakeshore Peds and the new Lakefront campus are not working.  They have suggested all payments be made at the hospital business office for the time being.  As we learn more on their progress of replacing machines we will let you know.




Welcome back to a new school year.  The scrip office hopes it was an awesome summer for everyone!  We would like to take this opportunity to give you some new information and reminders.

NEW BUSINESSAction Realty, has joined scrip giving back 10% of their commission.  You MUST tell Action Realty when signing your contracts that you want to get the scrip credit.  This pertains to their Manitowoc office only.  Once the buying/selling of the home is complete Action Realty will send the check for the 10% directly to the scrip office telling us the family to credit.

PROFIT % CHANGEShopko is now 3%.


If walking into sales please give the volunteer your name and not the child’s name.  Everything in the Scripware tracking program goes by parents’ names.  Please let other family members and friends know to give the parents’ names when purchasing also.

Please send your bill in with your dental payments and orthodontist payments.  We are usually paying a number of bills at once and this is the best way for the business to credit your account correctly.  Remember we need to get your bills a week before they are due in order to get them processed and paid by the due date.

Holy Family does not let us pay your bill.  You will receive a gift card loaded with amount you need for you to pay at any HFM clinic or hospital.

Don’t forget we have a few businesses that have limits on the amount you can pay with scrip.  Both Manitowoc and Two Rivers Luigi’s have a max of $50, Courthouse Pub has a max of $250, CNC has a max of $40 and Silver Valley a max of $100 per visit respectively.

CHECK SWAPS (leave your check made out to St. Francis and we will exchange checks with the business):

Check swaps are available with the Port Cities and Memorial Dr. Vet offices, Van Horn, Satori’s, Safranski’s, Novak’s, Custom Health and Golden Ring.

SCRIP WAIVER:  Don’t forget to fill out and sign the scrip waiver that was in your orientation packages.  We know a lot is happening at the start of the school year but shortly we will not be sending home orders if we do not have the waiver turned in.  If you notice a yellow dot on your weekly or daily envelopes that means we have your signed waiver on file.

VOLUNTEERS:  Also in your orientation package was a volunteer sign-up sheet.   We currently need help in the areas of school pick-ups and most importantly filling orders on Friday mornings at the elementary school, we only have 2 volunteers and need 2 each Friday.  Without more volunteers we will be forced to cancel the Friday morning sales at the elementary school.  Please send in your forms as soon as possible.  Thank you to those of you who have already volunteered.


Remember for scrip reloads the original card has to have been purchases from the scrip office.  We need the 16 digit number from the back of the card to reload it.  Not all businesses can be reloaded or have scrip now certificates available. For example our most commonly reloaded cards and/or scrip now certificates requested are Amazon, Copps, Lowes Starbucks and Walmart, while the most commonly requested vendors THAT ARE NOT able to be reloaded and/or do not have scrip now certificates are Festival, Kwik Trip and Menards.  If in doubt please call or email the scrip office.  Most scrip now and reload certificates can be ordered in $10 increments, however different vendors have different minimums or our only available in specific amounts.

 Please remember that scrip now certificates and reloads will be available within 24 hours from the receipt of payment.   If we are not in the office please leave your email address with the scrip volunteer and we will email you the scrip now certificate as soon as we have it or confirmation of the card being reloaded.

We ask that you keep your daily orders to 10 cards for or less for each individual business.  If you need more call or email the scrip office to see what we can do to help get your order filled.

Contact us at 652-7835/652-7836 or [email protected], we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


May 15 is the end of the scrip year. Any profit over $400 you will receive half in tuition credit. Many families have reached their $400 and so many are close. Reminder if you have signed up for scrip K to 8th grade and do not reach your $400 requirement you will be billed for the remainder.

May 16 is the start of the new scrip year if you would like any large purchases to start your scrip year let me know.

Reminder with large purchases, if you are needing a large amount of any business please contact me as there are several options to fill your order scrip now, reloads or larger denomination of cards may be available depending on the business. Call the scrip office for details.

Courthouse Pub: is now a plastic card at $25 staying at 5%. Unused balances will remain on the card. If you have any of the old paper $10 or $25 certificates they can still be used. Amazon: scrip now is starting at $20 and can only be increased in $20 increments i.e. $20, $40, $60 etc. Currently $10 Amazon certificates are available as part of the low denomination special Great Lakes is having but this is only until May 25 th or while supplies last. Low denomination: Great Lakes are offering a few of its gift cards in special low denominations until May 15th or while supplies last. These cards may be great for graduation and end of school year teacher gifts. These cards include, Amazon $10, Applebee’s $10, Barnes and Noble $5, Target $10, Starbucks $5 and Walmart $10. These cards are only available for a limited time; get them while they are available.

TJ Maxx will be opening May 20th, Scrip will be carrying the $25 gift cards in the daily boxes starting on May 9th. As with all new businesses we will start with a limited amount on hand and increase the amount as needed. On the weekly order form you can order denominations of $25 and $100. TJ Maxx also comes in scrip now certificates starting at $20 and increasing by $10 increments to a max of $500 per certificate. TJ Maxx profit is 7%. Please note scrip gift cards CAN NOT be used to pay for balances on the TJ Maxx store credit cards.

You will also be receiving in your weekly folder a sign up for volunteers for the summer break. Please consider signing up to help out.


Easter is fast approaching!  Last chance to order weekly items in time for Easter will be Friday, March 23rd Orders will be available at the church office because of no school.

Parish office will be open for scrip sales Monday-Thursday 8-4:30 and Friday 8-Noon.

I have a limited number of Subway cards at $20.  Pick one up at the church office or write on your form.

Have a Blessed Easter.


Scrip reports covering the full scrip year until January 31, 2018 are in your Friday folders.  Any Questions contact the scrip office. Congratulations to the number of families that have meet and exceeded the scrip requirement for this year.  Scrip is a great way to use your everyday shopping to help your tuition costs.

Panda Express is unavailable to order from Great Lakes will let you know as soon as it returns.

Courthouse Pub will be changing owners will let you know if they continue with the program.  Please help use our stock until April.

AutoZone is a scrip now giving 7% in $10 increments.

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast remember to buy scrip for your candy, restaurant, grocery, and flowers.

Scrip Reminders: 12/22

Scrip will be sold at the parish office next week while we are on Christmas vacation. We will be selling on Tues, Wed and Thurs from 8 to 4:30 and Friday 8 am to 12 noon as usual with limited selling while the office is open for year-end contributions from 12 to 4:30. Please note that while the scrip office is open there may not be someone in the scrip office to do reloads and scrip nows on the spot. You are welcome to call ahead or email first to see if we are here. Otherwise we will do them as soon as we are available.

New Scrip NOW certificates (only scrip nows not available in gift cards!):
Abercrombie and Fitch: certificates can be ordered in $10 increments starting at $10 to $500. Rebate % is at 5%.

Hollister: certificates can be ordered in $10 increments starting at $10 to $500. Rebate % is at 5%.

The scrip office has been extremely busy over the month of Dec. We thank you for your patience in getting your orders filled and back to you. Some businesses we were at multiple times in a one week time frame and still could not keep up with the sales. We will see you in the New Year and a Very Merry Christmas from the scrip office.

Kari and Angela


The North Face is a Scrip Now retailer $30-$500 in $10 increments at 8% rebate.

St. Nick Scrip cards make great stocking stuffers we have many $5 denomination cards like A&W, Culver’s McDonald’s Dairy Queen.  We have some specials like Panera Bread and Starbuck’s at $5 also.

Special Thursday Sales at the church office 4:30 P.M.-7:00 P.M. on the following dates: 

  • December 7 Christmas is coming….
  • December 21 Last minute shopping

As basketball games are out of town please help reduce our stock for Hardee’s they are in Green Bay and Sheboygan.

Large purchases should be placed on a weekly order form or called or emailed for availability.


The church office will be open to sell scrip during the parade November 22, from 6 PM to 8 PM.
The church office will be open these two evening from 4:30 PM until 7 PM.
~ December 7 Christmas is coming …
~ December 21 Last Minute Shopping!
Order your scrip as early as possible limited quantity and weather delays could be a factor.
There will be no scrip sold at the churches the weekend of Christmas December 23rd and December 24th.
In need of Christmas flowers or poinsettias Roorbach’s and Hartman’s can fill your needs.
Let the Christmas rush begin!


Vendor updates:

 Walgreens has lowered their rebate percentage to 5.

Olive Garden (Darden Cards) can no longer be used at Red Lobster.  Please order Red Lobster by writing it in on the weekly order form.

Business Closings:

Hardees in Manitowoc has closed.  We do still have some cards in stock which can be used at any Hardees nationwide.  If you will be traveling for basketball games etc. and might be stopping at a Hardees we would appreciate your ordering a card or two and helping out the scrip office.

Book World is closing.  They will start a closing sale now and be open until the store is more or less empty.  We can’t estimate how long that might be.  If you would like to help us out in the scrip office we have 5 of the $10 certificates on hand and 3 of the $25 certificates on hand.  We have checked with Book World and you can use the gift certificates towards purchases.  We however can no longer purchase gift certificates through our scrip program. 

St. Francis Updates:

Don’t forget about the low denomination scrip vendors that are available for the Christmas season (or until sold out).  Check your last scrip email for a list of those vendors.

To help with your holiday shopping we will be stocking in the daily box a limited amount of $50 Walmart cards and $25 Amazon cards.  As we see the volume we are going through we may be able to update the amount carried.  You can be sure to get what you want by placing a weekly order.  Please note that if you order on a daily order forms and we don’t have them on hand we will either return the money or in the case of Walmart substitute with the $25 cards. 

The parish office will be open for scrip sales all day on Wed. Nov. 22nd (in the past we have closed at noon) as well as 6 to 8 pm during the holiday parade.  We hope this will give you a chance to see any ads for Black Friday and be able to purchase scrip for those shopping trips.  Holiday shopping and traveling is a great time to really add to your scrip profit amounts.  Remember we have a number of businesses that we can order scrip now (certificates that are emailed to us in minutes) and cards that we can reload for different amounts to help with quick turn-around or if you are looking for different denominations for shopping or gift giving needs.  For example we can get scrip now certificates in $100 amount for Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart in minutes or if you wanted to give the babysitter a $20 for Starbucks while you still can order 2 cards we can also reload $10 onto the card you purchase so you only have to handle one card.  Not all businesses do the scrip now or reloads, and not all do the orders in the same dollar amount please call the scrip office with any questions.  Scrip is now also being sold all day at the parish office now during office hours.  This will not change how the daily orders are handled or Friday am walk in sales at the schools at this time.  Please note the office sales are manned by volunteers.  The scrip now and reloading of cards has to be done through the scrip office and it’s possible we might not be immediately available.   If we are not available when you come in please leave your email address with the volunteers and we will email the scrip now certificate to you as soon as possible.  If you currently have a card on file that you have been reloading you can just pay for the order with the volunteer recording the vendor and dollar amount to reload and we order the reload.  If you are purchasing a new card to be reloaded you may take the card with you but  we need the 16 digit number from the back of the card to register it the first time and to do the reload, so please have the volunteer record that number with your sale. Most scrip now and reloads are done in $10 increments not $25.

Watch for your next scrip reports mid Nov.

Kari and Angela, 652-7835/652-7836 or email us at [email protected] with any questions.


Beginning on Nov. 6th, Great Lakes will be offering special small denomination gift cards for the holidays.  These cards and their dollar amounts are listed below.  The rebate percent is the same as their normal cards.  These cards are in limited supply and once Great Lakes is out I will no longer be able to order them.  Last year the $5 Starbucks cards were out of stock by the beginning of Dec. These lower denomination cards make great stocking stuffers.  Because these are just for a limited time I WILL NOT be updating the weekly order form.  Please save this list and simply write in your order on the WEEKLY order form.


Amazon Gift Cards   $10                                                    

Applebee’s    $10                                                                

Barnes & Noble   $5                                                           

CVS   $10                                                                         

IHOP   $10                                                                         

Meier   $10                                                                        

Olive Garden $10

Panera Bread   $5

Red Lobster    $10

Regal Entertainment   $10

Starbucks   $5

Target   $10

Walmart   $10

All special denomination cards will be ordered and sent home as soon as possible. Please remember to order in time for St. Nick’s!

Please note that the Darden cards for Olive Garden no longer can be used at Red Lobster.  If you need Red Lobster order it by name.

Any questions contact the scrip office at 652-7835 or 652-7836 or email the scrip office at [email protected].


What is happening in the Scrip Program? We would like to congratulate Cindi Verch on her retirement! Don’t worry as she will still be around but as a volunteer. Kari Strzyzewski and Angela Schneider are settling nicely into their new positions.

Scrip changes:
- Herald Times will no longer be in the Scrip program
- Walgreens went from 6% down to 5%

New to Scrip:
- Fork & Knife = $10.00 at 10%
- Maretti’s = $10.00 at 15%
- In The Moment Restorations = $25 & $50 at 5%

Daily and Weekly Envelopes
We would like to clarify that the clear envelopes are for the Daily orders. They will be filled and sent home that day.
The gray envelopes are for the Weekly orders. They need to be turned in by noon on Friday in order to receive it by the following week.
If you happen to send a Scrip Now through school, please don’t expect it until that evening.
We are still looking for volunteers to help at the schools, churches and the parish office. Would you like to sell Scrip as a family at church?
If you would like to sell at church please contact: Sue Krueger @ 652-7803 or Mark Knipp @ 652-7815.
If interested in selling at the parish office please call Kari @ 652-7835.



BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING: It is hard to believe that back to school shopping is just around the corner. Let scrip help with your shopping and help the school and parish make money at the same time. From paper and pencils, locker supplies, dorm room supplies and new clothes, scrip has got you covered. We have on hand Office Max, Shopko, Wal-Mart and more for those school supplies, Kohl’s for clothing (our kohl’s care cards CAN be used to pay your Kohl’s charge account) and can order you Amazon, Land’s End, JC Penney’s and more. Some of those ordered will take a few days others have certificates that can be emailed to us the same day. Let scrip help with your back to school expenses!


Effective Aug 1, 2017  Herald Times Reporter will no longer be a part of the scrip program due to changes in their office.  We can accept HTR bills for scrip credit until noon on July 31th.  After that we will no longer be able to process bill payment to them.


Please welcome our newest scrip vendor, In The Moment Restorations, located at 931 S. 8th St.   In The Moment Restorations will be offering $25 and $50 certificates at a rebate back to the school and parish of 5%, no change will be given back for the certificates.  The certificates can be ordered on the weekly order form.  In The Moment Restorations offers custom furnishings and décor, locally sourced goods and a gift mercantile.