Regional Catholic School

Dear Parishioners,

During the next two weeks, all parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi Parish will be asked to participate in a parish-wide school feasibility study. Additionally, all parents, grandparents, alumni, and staff of our Catholic schools will also be asked to participate in the study.  The purpose of the study is to determine the scope and dimensions of plans to build a new regional school, one that would include both elementary and middle schools, on Michigan Avenue.  A capital campaign is being considered by parish and school leaders in our region.    

Because of the magnitude of this challenge, we have retained Changing Our World, a nationally known consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study for us.   

This study includes personal interviews with a cross-section of parishioners and/or an online survey.  Materials will also be made available at our parish central office during the next two weeks. All parishioners are asked to complete a questionnaire (survey) regarding our proposed project.  (If you have already participated in a personal interview, please do not complete a survey.) The questionnaires and additional information, which details the project and priorities, will be available to all parishioners starting May 25th.  

The information you provide will be anonymous and all comments and quotes will be held in the strictest of confidence. Your involvement in this effort will help us ascertain the best course of action to take.  Our goal is to complete the study during the next two weeks with the hope of beginning the campaign in the coming months.  However, before this can happen, we will need the full support of all families and individuals who call St. Francis of Assisi Parish their spiritual home. At the conclusion of the completed study, we will share our findings with the entire parish.

The following is the link to the online survey with additional information:  

You can also find copies of the survey and additional information at the parish office.  The deadline for completing the surveys is June 10th.

Your feedback is appreciated and I thank you for your participation in this very important parish and school endeavor!

Fr. Doug LeCaptain