Family-Integrated Religious Education (Grades 1-5)

Register for Faith Formation for 2019-2020!


We invite families to register for the 2019-2020 faith formation year beginning in September.   All families with children not attending Catholic schools are encouraged and expected to have their children participate in faith formation, but we also gladly welcome and encourage participation from our Catholic school families also.  This upcoming year, we are excited to expand faith formation options for our high school youth. 

Register for Faith Formation for 2019-2020 here!  Cost per youth is $90.  Payment may be submitted  by cash, check, or an online payment through WeShare on the parish website.  If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Bishop (Grades 1-5) or Elizabeth Gruenke (Grades 6-12).

We also invite you to stay posted to the various youth and family ministry events happening this summer through the parish Facebook and Instagram pages, the parish website, and the bulletin.  You can also receive updates on youth and family ministry activities by texting @sfa-youth to 81010 for text reminders.

Hearts on FIRE Overview:

Students in grades 1-5 attend Family-Integrated Religious Education (Hearts on FIRE) at the SFA Grand site school which provide the basic foundations of our faith. Students will learn what it means to develop a relationship with Jesus, gain a basic understanding of God’s Word in Scripture, and of the Mass. During this time, second-grade students also prepare for their First Reconciliation and Communion.  Parents are expected to participate in the monthly family nights.

Monthly Faith Formation Calendar of Programming and Events (Scroll down to see the current month).




Michelle Bishop- Director of Faith Formation

Phone: 920-652-7811

email: [email protected]


First Eucharist/Communion

Preparation for the Sacrament of Eucharist is an important time for children but also for parents to gain a deeper understanding of the Eucharist in their lives. Parents take an active role in preparation for this parish celebration and experience.


First Reconciliation

Preparation for First Reconciliation takes places in second grade. A progressive understanding of forgiveness is core to the formation program. Parents are involved as an active part of this sacrament.


Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC)

Program Overview

The RCIC process invites the following to become members of the Catholic Church:

Children age 7 who are not baptized

Children baptized in another tradition but wish to become Catholic

Children baptized in the Church but have not received Reconciliation or Eucharist and have had no formal instruction