Policies & Guidelines

Calvary Cemetary


Policies and Guidelines

All owners of interment rights, as well as visitors to the cemetery, are subject to the guidelines and regulations which have been adopted for the common protection of all.  As such, what are best practices for the common good will be given preference.

By observing these rules faithfully the individual owners of interment rights have a share in transforming our Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum into a shrine of beauty. The intent is to preserve the heritage and the natural beauty of the cemetery and mausoleum. These rules and regulations are adopted for the common protection of the owners of interment rights of all cemetery spaces, crypts and niches.

These rules and regulations are for the following cemeteries in the Manitowoc community; Calvary Catholic Cemetery and Chapel Mausoleum, St Mary’s Cemetery, St Peter’s Cemetery and Maternity of Mary Cemetery.

The cemeteries are open daily to visitors from sunrise to sunset. The mausoleum is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm. The Rosary is prayed on the first Friday of each month at 4:00pm in the chapel and Mass is celebrated on the first Saturday of the month at 9:00am.

When purchasing cemetery interment rights, the costs of perpetual care is included in the purchase price. The term “perpetual care” means the cutting of grass on cemetery lots at reasonable intervals, the filling of sunken graves, the raking and cleaning of lots, the pruning of shrubs and trees, the maintenance of crypts and niches and any other such work as may be necessary to keep the property in presentable condition.  “Perpetual care” does not include maintenance or repair of any gravestones, monument structures or concrete foundations erected upon cemetery lots nor the planting or care for any flowers or ornamental plants.

Scattering of human cremains/ashes is NOT allowed. Likewise, burial of pets cremated or otherwise, shall not be allowed in any part of the cemetery.

There are size limits for monuments and markers. All monuments must be placed on foundations that are installed by cemetery personnel. No monument shall be installed without permission of the cemetery office. Only one marker will be allowed per grave space. It is suggested that all monuments bear the Christian symbol of the Cross. Temporary markers will be allowed for a period of 6 months. For a complete list of monument and marker rules, please inquire at the cemetery office located in the mausoleum.

No person shall place any chair, bench or settee anywhere within the cemetery property. Benches may be purchased thru the cemetery office and installed by cemetery personnel only.

No trees, bushes or shrubs may be planted by anyone other than cemetery maintenance staff.

We recommend live plants and flowers in the cemetery. Flowerbeds are allowed at the front of the grave only and shall not exceed the width of the monument/marker nor more than 12 inches in front of the monument/marker. Planting perennials is strongly discouraged. Any perennials found during spring clean-up or fall clean-up shall be cut down.  No fences, stepping stones, curbing, gravel, borders, lava stone, shredded bark, rocks, stones or similar materials may be placed on grave sites. No glass vases, bottles or other material that shatters easily shall be allowed. The use of any solar or battery powered vigil lights or decoration in the cemetery is prohibited. No Styrofoam décor is allowed. No shepherd’s hooks (including heart shaped hooks), birdhouses, tripods, hanging plants, gnomes, hollow or unauthorized statuary, plastic, wood or metal planters or trellis’s are allowed in the cemetery. Concrete urns/planters may be placed next to a marker/monument but may not infringe on the neighboring property.

Christmas wreaths are allowed after November 15th.

Any decorations left on graves during the spring or fall clean-up will be disposed of at the discretion of the cemetery.

Golfing, disc golfing and geo-caching on cemetery property is prohibited.

No pets or animals are allowed on cemetery property. Horseback riding is not allowed on cemetery property. This prohibition does not apply to service animals.

SPRING-FALL CLEAN-UP: Any winter decorations (artificial or live) not removed by April 15 will be removed by cemetery personnel. Spring/Summer decorations may not be placed on graves before May 15.

FALL CLEAN-UP: All decorations (artificial or live) must be removed before October 15. Winter decorations may not be placed on the grave before November 15.

Use of burial vaults eliminates most of the problems in maintaining the appearance of the cemetery grounds; therefore, burial vaults are a requirement. This is a diocesan cemetery regulation and not a state or federal law. Burial vaults serve one purpose – to maintain the integrity of the ground above them.

 Picking of flowers or other vegetation from cemetery property is prohibited.

No fire arms or instruments of like nature, such as air guns and sling shots will be allowed on cemetery property. Military units offering salutes at funerals or special occasions will be permitted.

To schedule a burial or to request service work, contact the cemetery office at (920) 684-3646.

All traffic shall enter on South 14th Street and adhere to 10 miles per hour while driving in the cemetery. No driving on the grass is permitted. Cars shall park where traffic is not obstructed.

Grave Inheritance laws in the State of Wisconsin will not allow a second right of interment on a grave whose owners are already deceased. No more than two  inurnments or entombments are allowed per grave or crypt. Only one interment per grave space is allowed.

As a condition of purchasing interment rights, every owner of said right, agrees to accept responsibility for loss or damage to assigned burial space including, but not limited to, acts of thieves, vandals, rioters and malicious mischief, as well as from all acts of nature including wind, tornadoes, cyclones, floods, hail, snow, frost, whether the damage be direct or indirect, and specifically agrees to hold Calvary Cemetery of Manitowoc, Inc harmless from any such liability.

No person shall place an adornment, memorial or decoration on any crypt, columbarium or niche without permission of the cemetery office.

No cemetery or mausoleum interment rights may be sold or transferred to another party without prior notification to the cemetery office and registration documents, quit claim deeds and transfer fees are filed.

No entombment, interment or inurnment shall take place until proper documents are signed in the cemetery office.

The Chapel is available on a first come – first served basis to all owners of interment rights at Calvary Cemetery and Chapel Mausoleum to use for committal services.

All specifications for private mausoleums must be submitted to the cemetery and civil authorities for approval prior to construction. No contractor may proceed without such approval in writing.

Each family that has inside mausoleum interment rights will be allowed to place one artificial item not to exceed 8” in diameter in the mausoleum. Excluded are items placed on “family owned” tables purchased prior to July 1, 2011. Items must be identified with their loved ones name. No live plants are allowed in the mausoleum. Seasonal and holiday décor will be removed after 30 days. Certain live plants are allowed at Easter and Christmas.

These rules and regulations are subject to change as directed by the parish cemetery committee.

For a current list of services offered, fee schedule or if you have questions or concerns, please contact the cemetery office at (920) 684-3646.

The Christian Cemetery is the resting place of “children of God by faith, temples of God.” It is a sacred place. The decorum or propriety due such sacredness should be strictly observed. Noise, loud talking, improper conduct or anything disturbing the quiet and reverence of this sacred space should be avoided.

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Revised 5-2012