Pastoral Care



BEST FRIEND MINISTRY (Bridget Geigel & Max)

St. Francis of Assisi offers pet (dog) visits to parish members who are confined to their home.  The physical and mental health benefits of pet therapy are documented in research.  A visit from a gentle dog and his handler can bring pleasure and feelings of calm as they interact.  Ultimately, these positive feelings can help an individual recover from illness or cope with health issues. 


Care Ministers are specially trained people who visit parishioners confined to their homes, assisted living facility, community based group home or nursing home.  Care Ministers bring Holy Communion, prayer and a listening presence to their visits.


The program serves the needs of the bereaved through continuing support and encouragement.  Small group sessions are facilitated by trained volunteers and are open to any adult grieving the loss of a loved one.


Through the ministry of lay volunteers, we bring the healing comfort and care of Jesus to those who are experiencing challenges to their well-being.  Trained volunteers visit with parishioners who are hospitalized at Holy Family Memorial Medical Center or Aurora Medical Center. 


This ministry includes spiritual care of those confined to care facilities.  Lay volunteers are trained to conduct Liturgy of the Word with Communion services for larger groups of residents at facilities.  The priests celebrate Mass at the facilities and share the Sacrament of Anointing as requested.


Respite Care is a volunteer program which gives a caregiver a short interval of rest or relief from caregiver duties.  The break provided by a trained Respite Care volunteer helps the caregiver maintain a positive well-being while caring for a loved one in their home.


No one should die alone. Vigil Keepers are trained volunteers who provide a caring presence at the bedside of a dying person when family members are not available or need time away.   Vigil Keepers do not provide physical care, but may pray, read, play music, or sit quietly at the bedside.    

Pastoral Care of the Sick or Homebound

St. Francis of Assisi Priests, Deacons, and Pastoral Ministers are available to provide for the sick and homebound.  Our Priests provide individual anointing, reconciliation and Holy Communion.  Other ministers bring Holy Communion, prayer, and a listening presence to their visits.  Unfortunately, because of the size of our parish, we don’t always know of individual situations and we do not want to lose contact with you.  To better serve you, we are asking to be notified of anyone who is hospitalized, moves to a care facility, or becomes homebound.  We encourage family members and friends to call the parish office at 684-3718 to alert us to a person’s change in status and to arrange for a pastoral visit.