Parish Mission Planning

Update Aug. 11, 2019

Submitted by Pat Brandel 

At our January 2019 parish annual meeting, we had provided an update on the process for a regional school. Also stated was that the parish mission planning process would be relaunched at the conclusion of the regional school feasibility study stage. As you have probably seen in the bulletin during the past few weeks, the feasibility study concluded so we are now able to go back into our parish planning. This article is intended to give you a flavor of the process that the planning team will follow over approximately 90 days. It is adapted from a typical mission planning process recommended and supported by the Diocese of Green Bay. 

We have started the planning with gathering of data using two tools: 

  • One is a survey distributed electronically July 24th to Pastoral Councils, Finance Council, Board of Education, Commissions, Deacons, teachers and various other ministry leaders. 
  • The other tool is called a ministry checklist. Each one of these 12 checklists deals with a different facet of parish life or operations. Examples being Worship, Social Justice, Education, Parish Financial & Management Services, etc. These were completed by the lead person in each of the areas. 

The above tools will be combined with: 

  • A diocesan purchased software titled “Mission Insite” which allows us to dive deeper into the sacramental and demographic make-up of our parish and surrounding community. 
  • Information and observations from our Vision 2020 planning process. 
  • Any applicable information gathered during the regional school feasibility study
  • The Facilities Repair/Renovation study which was presented at our 2018 parish annual meeting and in the bulletin. 
  • The Facilities Operating Costs study which was presented at our 2019 parish annual meeting and in the bulletin. 

The next steps will take the parish mission planning team through analysis and discernment to arrive at the top 10-20 possible areas of needed emphasis and eventually arrive at 2-5 key areas (priorities) we need to concentrate on over the coming 5 years. This will also be the point where we can estimate costs of implementation as well as impact on facilities. This planning process will necessarily, and prayerfully, consider the use of all our buildings. 

During this process we will be communicating with you, our fellow parishioners, as well as multiple other people at the diocesan, regional and local level to obtain opinions and input. We hope to include at least one, hopefully more, town hall style meetings. 

Final recommendations will be made by the Pastoral and Finance Councils to Fr. Doug. He will then carry the recommendations forward to the Diocese, ultimately Bishop Ricken. 

Our aim is to have a comprehensive faith based plan covering the next 2-5 years and to launch a combined campaign to include the regional school, the Diocese and St. Francis of Assisi Parish as we move forward. We anticipate having our planning recommendations available for review and approval by late September or early October 2019. 

We are excited about the opportunity this mission planning process will afford as we look to the current and future needs for our parish, school and community in which we dwell.

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