High School Faith Formation

Join us for Life Teen or Dead Theologians Society!

All families with children not attending Catholic schools are encouraged and expected to have their children participate in faith formation, but we also gladly welcome and encourage participation from our Catholic school families also.  At the high school level, we offer Dead Theologians Society on Sunday evenings or Life Teen on Wednesday nights, along with required foundational mini courses for teens seeking Confirmation.

The link to register for faith formation can be found here. Cost for faith formation is $90/youth.  Payment may be submitted by cash, check, or an online payment through WeShare on the parish website.  If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Peters (Grades 1-5) or Elizabeth Gruenke (Grades 6-12).

You can read our faith formation registration letter here.  This letter also contains changes to Faith Formation in regards to COVID-19 in order to keep our youth, teens, volunteers, and staff safe.  Please know that recommendations may change based on new/evolving information.  If you choose to have your child participate in faith formation at home, please select that option on the online registration form.

We also invite you to stay posted to the various youth and family ministry events happening.  These activities will be promoted through the parish and youth ministry Facebook and Instagram pages, the parish website, and the bulletin.  You can also receive updates on youth and family ministry activities by texting @sfa-youth to 81010 for text reminders.

Our faith formation year runs from September-May.  All public school teens must regularly attend either Life Teen or Dead Theologians Society if desiring to be confirmed in addition to taking the high school mini courses.  Roncalli teens are encouraged to attend as well.


Life Teen and Dead Theologians Society 

High school teens, not attending Roncalli, will be required to take the six high school mini courses before or during Confirmation.  (See more information on the high school mini courses below.)  Teens are also be required to participate in either Life Teen on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 PM, with food/social time from 6:30-7:00 PM or Dead Theologians Society on Sunday afternoons from 4:30-6:00, before the 6:30 PM Sunday Mass.  We realize that it's difficult to accommodate everyone's schedules, so we hope offering more options will make it easier for teens to participate in faith formation and spend time cultivating their relationship with Jesus.  Participation in Life Teen or Dead Theologians Society is required for Confirmation.  No teen will be allowed to register for Confirmation if not engaging in Life Teen or Dead Theologians Society or approved faith formation at home.  Neither Life Teen or Dead Theologians Society are meant to be purely catechetical, but are meant to also help teens encounter Jesus, learn to pray, participate in faith-based discussion, and grow in community.  Come join us as we grow towards being intentional disciples!



High School RE Foundational Courses 

Prior to receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, students (who are not attending Roncalli High School) will be required to take six foundational courses in Catholic beliefs and practices: Jesus Christ and the Paschal MysteryScriptureSacramentsChurchMorality, and Theology of the Body (replacing Catholic Social Teaching after 2018).  This is to ensure that all students receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation have a solid foundation in their faith and can articulate the truths of their faith.  Courses are generally six hours in length over three days.  To allow for flexibility and be mindful of busy schedules, students can take courses at a time that works for their schedule and courses do not need to be taken in any particular order.  The courses will take place throughout the year, with three occurring in fall, three occurring in spring, and all six occurring in the summer.  Ideally, students should be taking 2-3 courses/year from the summer before their freshmen year through Confirmation.  Teens (who are not attending Roncalli) will be required to participate regularly in either Life Teen or the other alternative high school faith formation option if intending to be confirmed.  No teen will be eligible for Confirmation if not taking the mini courses and participating in Life Teen or Dead Theologians Society  (unless teen is participating in approved homeschooling). Students can take courses while enrolled in Confirmation also, so long as they have completed the six courses before Confirmation.

Students can sign up for Winter/Spring 2021 mini courses through this link or by emailing Elizabeth at [email protected]  Please sign up in advance so we can plan accordingly.  Records of who attended which courses will be kept for your convenience.  Students need to attend all sessions of a course in order to receive credit for completing the mini course.  To see which courses you/your teen needs to take yet, go to: SFA High School Religious Education Mini Course Spreadsheet .  The spreadsheet lists students who are in progress with the courses, so if you've finished the courses or haven't started the courses, your name won't be listed. 

Life Teen Contacts

Elizabeth Gruenke - Coordinator of Youth Ministry 

Phone: (920) 652-7821

e-mail:  [email protected]                                                                                                                                         


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