Holy Week at Home Activities

Engage-in-Faith SFA Bingo Sheet (click here for PDF).  For families, kids, middle school students and teens!  Either print or email your bingo conquests to Elizabeth Gruenke, our SFA Youth Minister at [email protected]. She created this so you could use this card to challenge yourselves and track how you are living out your faith.  Mom might like it because one space says "Help your family with the dishes or laundry," and the kids might like it because another says "Watch something (appropriate for your age) on FORMED.org" but our three priests might like it best because you can also earn more spaces for engaging in the opportunities for prayer and worship available through Live Stream and the website right now!  Getting a Bingo = earning a Tiny Saint Keychain (suuuuuper sweet!).  (Limit 1 regular Bingo prize per card.) If you X the entire board, you'll win a small gift basket of goodies!  Curious to see the Tiny Saints???  Check them out here!  (They might be a nice recommendation to the Easter Bunny for baskets, as well!  https://www.tinysaints.com/ )

Holy Week LIVE Trivia Night 6:00-7:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 8th. Dianne Vadney, our SFA Family Ministry Coordinator will be coming to you live from her house to yours as she hosts this Safer-at-Home event!  Review as a family (while having FUN) why Holy Week is a Big Deal!  Prizes for top 3 teams will be delivered to your home! (Choose from Pizza Garden, Dairy Queen Blizzards or other treats or Hartman's Bakery Easter Cookie Kit or other treats)  Fr. Doug & Fr. Jose will be playing along as team "Men in Black"!  Connect with other families, see some other faces and do it all straight from your living room!  RSVP through Facebook Event appreciated.  To join, go to: meet.google.com/acz-edme-gez    That will automatically give you the option to join the video conference.  We will ask the questions live and families will submit answers on Google forms provided. See Facebook post for more details and recommended watch list to dust off cobwebs or stock your brain full of fresh Holy Week deets.  #CannotWait  #HolyWeekIsON  #SeeYouOnThe Screen


Holy Week at Home Booklets - (click here for PDF).  Feel free to print at home or simply reference from your computer, phone or tablet.  Michelle Bishop, our SFA Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator at the parish came up with these BEAUTIFUL guides on how to have an amazing - and more importantly - meaningful Holy Week as a family since we can't go to church this year.  Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter are some of the most important parts of our faith story and she has written up a very helpful guide for how to break it down into: family activity, core reading, and a couple questions you can talk about as a family.  Please take time to look at this resource and enjoy it together as a family!
Holy Thursday & Stations of the Cross for Kids - (click here for PDF).  This is another option for how to observe Holy Thursday and Good Friday with your children.  
If you have any questions, whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact any of us on the Youth & Family Faith Formation team at St. Francis.  And if you have any particular needs or prayer intentions we can pray for at this time, please don't hesitate to let us know.  We might be in our own homes, but we are still one in spirit.
With joy and anticipation for a truly blessed Holy Week at Home,

Dianne Vadney, Family Ministry Coordianator
Michelle Bishop, Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator
Elizabeth Gruenke, Youth Ministry Coordinator
P.S.  As a quick aside, in case you didn't know, all the SFA School kids are more than welcome to participate in any Youth Ministry programs and/or events!  Feel free to "Like" St. Francis of Assisi Life Teen, Edge, & Youth Ministry Page on Facebook to keep up with what's available to support your student!