Edge: Middle School Faith Formation

Register now for Faith Formation for 2020-21!


We invite all families with youth to register in the upcoming months for the 2020-21 faith formation year.   All families with children not attending Catholic schools are encouraged and expected to have their children participate in faith formation, but we also gladly welcome and encourage participation from our Catholic school families also.  This year at Edge we will be primarily focusing on the Catholic Church and the Sacraments.

The link to register for faith formation can be found here. Cost for faith formation is $90/youth.  Payment may be submitted by cash, check, or an online payment through WeShare on the parish website.  If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Peters (Grades 1-5) or Elizabeth Gruenke (Grades 6-12).

You can read our faith formation registration letter here.  This letter also contains changes to Faith Formation in regards to COVID-19 in order to keep our youth, teens, volunteers, and staff safe.  Please know that recommendations may change based on new/evolving information.  If you choose to have your child participate in faith formation at home, please select that option on the online registration form.

We also invite you to stay posted to the various youth and family ministry events happening.  These activities will be promoted through the parish and youth ministry Facebook and Instagram pages, the parish website, and the bulletin.  You can also receive updates on youth and family ministry activities by texting @sfa-youth to 81010 for text reminders.


Edge Program Overview

Edge is our faith formation program for students in Grades 6-8.  EDGE is a model of faith formation for middle school students that involves learning in small groups, experiential prayer dynamics, and includes social opportunities such as lock-ins, service projects, and social nights. EDGE seeks to deepen a middle school student’s understanding of their relationship with Christ, and our need for Him in our lives.  

LOCATION: St. Francis of Assisi Elementary Campus (1408 Waldo Blvd.) in the Social Hall. 

TIME: Mondays from 6:30-8:00 PM from September-May.  Middle schoolers may join at any time of the year!

Cost: $90/child 

Schedule: TBA

Diocesan Safe Environment Communications Policy

 Visit the EDGE International Website! http://lifeteen.com/



EDGE Makeup Work for 2019-2020:

Edge Makeup Activities for our remaining five sessions (1. God with Us; 2. Miracles; 3. God's Kingdom; 4. Death to Life; 5. The Church)

Exile - God Waits (March 16)

Judges and Kings - God Provides Leaders (March 9)

Commands - God Provides Boundaries (March 2)

Dead Growth - Lenten Issue Night (February 24th)

Exodus - God Delivers (February 17th)

Promises - God Makes Covenants (February 10th)

Disruption - God Provides Hope After the Fall (February 3rd)

Creation - God Creates (January 27th)

The Greatest Story Ever Told - Scripture Introduction (January 13th)

Wise Guys - Epiphany (January 6th)

Restoration - How Can a Good God Exist When There's Evil and Suffering? (December 9th)

Masterpiece - If God Exists, Does That Change My Life? (December 2nd)

Museum - Argument from Design (November 25th)

Proof is in the Paint - First Cause Argument (November 18th)

The Artist - Can We Know God Exists? (November 11th)

Authenticity - Truth in Communication (November 4th)

The Apex - The Liturgy of the Eucharist (October 28th)

The Ascent - The Liturgy of the Word (October 21st)

I Brought You Into this World - An Issue Night on Parents (October 14th)

The Approach - Preparing for Mass (October 7th)

Navigating The Terrain - The Church Space (September 30th)

Climbing Seasons - The Liturgical Year (September 23rd) 

Gathering Gear - An Introduction to Liturgy (September 16th)


If a middle schooler is absent for a week of Edge, middle schoolers are expected to makeup that session by completing the makeup work for the session he or she missed.  Each week of makeup work includes the main points covered in that evening, scripture to read, a short video that covers the topic from the evening, questions to answer, and prayer in which to engage.  After a parent signs off that the middle schooler has completed the makeup work, the middle schooler can receive credit for that session.  Makeup work will be posted above and will be sent to parents via email. 

Contact Elizabeth Gruenke:

 Email:  [email protected]

 Phone Number: (920) 652-7821