Confirmation. Sealed by the Spirit.

Mission and Overview:

The goal of our parish Confirmation preparation is to help teenagers understand the effects of the Holy Spirit in their lives, bring them into a deeper relationship with Christ, and unite them more deeply into the Body of Christ, especially at the parish level (CCC 1309).

To register for Confirmation 2020, with the Confirmation Mass occurring tentatively January 2021, please click here.  Please register by June 1st.  Confirmation is open to teens who will be juniors or seniors in September and either attend Roncalli or are actively involved in faith formation through the high school mini courses and either Life Teen, Dead Theologians Society, or another Catholic faith sharing group/homeschool faith formation.  


The Confirmation preparation session dates/times can be found here.    A sponsor, parent, or grandparent is expected to attend some of the sessions alongside their teen because we recognize that we cannot form disciples in isolation.  These sessions are indicated on the sheet above.  The focus of these sessions are less about catechesis/reviewing topics of faith and more about engaging and growing in our relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Please talk to Elizabeth if there is a serious conflict (family emergency, family vacation, etc.) that prevents you from attending a confirmation session.

Teenagers are required to attend a retreat experience.  If a teenager cannot attend one of our retreat options, they are responsible for scheduling a non-academic retreat for themselves sometime before they receive the sacrament.  The retreat option we are offering through our parish will be Green Bay Youth Conference on Sunday, December 6th.  A number of retreat options are offered through apostolates around the Green Bay Diocese. Other retreat options include Teens Encounter ChristCatholic Youth Expeditions, Spiritus Open Confirmation Retreats, KREWE (invite only), Camp Tek Leadership Retreats, and the March for Life. If the student has already attended one of the parish's retreats or another non-academic retreat, they do not need to attend a retreat the year that they are confirmed but are still strongly encouraged to do so.  

Other additional requirements during Confirmation preparation include 1:1 meetings between teens and sponsors, stewardship hours, and a letter written to the bishop.

Who Can Receive the Sacrament:

Any high school teenager who going into their junior or senior year in high school at the time of Confirmation preparation and feels that they are personally ready to receive the sacrament is eligible. Teenagers are eligible to go through the high school confirmation preparation until they graduate from high school. Any college-aged young adults should enroll in the parish RCIA program to be confirmed into the Church.

Knowing When to Receive the Sacrament:

Our diocese currently recommends at least two years of high school faith formation before one receives the Sacrament of Confirmation, so it is required that public school students take the high school mini courses and participate in Life Teen, DTS, or another Catholic faith sharing group.  A teenager should choose to enter preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation after careful prayer, discussion with their parents, and an ability to fully commitment to the sessions and requirements.  Parents should not force their child to be confirmed if their child does not want to be confirmed.  Similarly, parents should avoid encouraging their child to be confirmed simply because it's what they are "supposed to do."  Confirmation preparation occurs primarily during the summer and will be open for those going into their junior or senior year of high school.

Preparation Fee:

When a teen chooses to be confirmed, there is a $90 confirmation fee which they pay which covers:

  • High School Faith Formation

  • Retreat Experience through St. Francis or to be put towards another retreat option

  • Confirmation Resources and Youth Ministry Resources

  • Subsidizes Youth Ministry Events through High School

No student will be turned away from our preparation due to financial difficulty.