Charitable Giving



Parish Good Shepherd Fund

The Good Shepherd Emergency Fund is a fund that helps people who have a legitimate need but are “falling between the cracks” and not able to receive assistance from other agencies. Assistance from the good Shepherd emergency Fund is available throughout the year. Parishioners and non-parishioners may benefit from this assistance. Funds are dispersed at the discretion of the pastor and the parish coordinator of social services.

Parish Endowment

To give a gift that keeps on giving has an appeal and benefit.  The Parish Endowment Fund holds the principal amount with interest benefitting the parish on into the future.  As Jesus is with us always until the end of the age, so in His manner this gift can continue as a source of support to the parish community for years and years to come. 

Pastor's Discretionary Fund

This fund is used as a way of funding unanticipated and urgent pastoral needs, programs and services that arise during the course of the year but are not included in our regular operating budget for the year.  Some of these items have included the installment of security systems at the entrances of our Catholic school campuses, purchase of computers to replace office and school computers, website development and the redoing of the school hall environment to accommodate the growth in our LifeTeen and Edge programs.   


School Technology Fund

St. Francis of Assisi School wants to provide the most current and cutting edge technology to all of our students.

A great way to support our parish Catholic school with this endeavor is to donate towards the Technology Fund!  This fund will enable the purchase of iPads, electronic textbooks to be used by both staff and students and to provide additional staff development in the technology area. 

School Endowment

While many of us enjoyed attending Catholic schools ourselves, many more are interested in supporting our own parish elementary school.  There is a continual need between the just pay for our teachers and what the parents of young children can afford.  A gift to our school endowment helps fill this gap for generations of young children.  We can help them here with a good education in a holy environment.  This is a good choice for estates and wills, as well as when you have a few dollars to spare. 

School Annual Appeal

In these challenging times, we are reminded that the dividends of a Catholic education prepare students in faith, knowledge, morals and discipline that lasts a lifetime. Our Catholic school provides good things for students and families through our high expectations and daily experiences of faith. Your support of our school is greatly needed to ensure the continued offering of a Catholic education. The blessings of our Catholic school benefit our entire parish community. Your gift, along with the gifts of other caring parishioners, will have an immediate impact on the lives of our Catholic school families. There is no better way to invest in a child’s future and the future of our world. 


School Bridging the Gap

The total cost to educate each student in our St. Francis of Assisi School is over $5,300. Tuition/scholarships and parish subsidy cover over $4,200 of this cost and third-source funding makes up the remaining “gap”.   Your gift, in any amount, will greatly help to “bridge the gap” and provide education to many in need.  

School Operations

A gift to School Operations will be designated to help cover the expenses related to school operations. 

School Tuition Aid

St. Francis of Assisi is committed to the principle that no student should be denied a quality Catholic education based on financial grounds. The ability to provide financial, tuition assistance relies on the generosity of our donors. 


Other (fill in the blank)

Have a specific area of the Parish or School that is particularly important to you? Fill in that description here in the blank and we will be certain to designate your donation to that important cause!