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General Price List Effective December 1, 2020

General disclosure; This General Price list does not reflect discounts or incentives that may be available from time to time. All memorial estate arrangement selections include appropriate perpetual care trust funds. You may choose only the merchandise and the services you desire; however, arrangements may include basic services and overhead. Please contact our Family Services Department at (920) 684-3646 for specific inquiries or to arrange for a complimentary, no obligation consultation. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Cameo Photos                                                                                                                  Couple=$650 Single= $475

Cremation Niche* (size restrictions)                                                                                  $1,950 to $5,300

Foundation Fee                     (Military Marker $140.00)                                                    $4 per Width Inch

Granite Benches (Includes Engraving and Installation)                                                     $2,700 - $6,600

Grave Space * (vault required)         Cremation Only Space $725***                             $900.00 (Section P = $1,075)

Mausoleum Crypts* (size restrictions)                                                                               $4,300 to $9,500

Memorial Tree Cemetery (includes memorial and foundation)                                         $950.00

Private Mausoleum                                                                                                            Special Pricing

Second Right Cemetery, Crypt or Niche*                                                                           $700 Cemetery   $1,100 Mausoleum

Urn Vaults                                                                                                                           $250 and $450

Vase (Crypt)       #4288 Pegaso                                                                                           $525.00

Vase (Niche)      #4653                                                                                                        $225.00

Vigil Lights Chapel                                                                                                              $125 Year/$1,500 Eternal

Winter Burials    (As Needed Service)                                                                                  $350

Calvary Cemetery of Manitowoc INC. requires a signed authorization prior to burial preparation. All burials and/or entombments require at least a 48 hour notice for site preparation. Adverse weather conditions may require additional notice. Cancellation of scheduled services requires 24 hour notice. Fees assessed accordingly. 24 hours is required (Mon-Fri) after the Interment authorization is signed to prepare for burial.

Any family requesting an at-need service for children 0-12 years of age will receive a grave space at half the regular price in The Celestial Gardens Section or in any section of Calvary Cemetery provided a parent or legal guardian of the child already is the owner of internment rights for a grave space at Calvary Cemetery. A vault is required for all traditional or cremation burials.  All fetus burials are no charge to a family with burial in “Gianna’s Garden”.



Admin Fee Applicable on Quitclaim, Deed and Transfer

       of interment/entombment rights/inurnment                                                            $150.00

Chapel Fee for committal/visitation (1 hour No Charge)                                                 $250.00

Cremation Niche Inurnment  M-F*                                                                                   $575.00

Cremation Burial, Entombment, Bench Inurnment M-F*                                                  $600.00

Cremation Unauthorized Burial/Entombment*                                                                 $500.00 + Second Right*

Crypt Emblems (Etched Military - $300)                                                                           Prices Vary

Crypt Entombment M-F                                                                                                    $950.00

Disentombment Casket Mausoleum**                                                                             $1,500.00

Disentombment Cremation Mausoleum**                                                                        $600.00

Disinterment Casket Cemetery**                                                                                     $2,000.00

Disinterment Cremation Cemetery**                                                                                 $600.00

Lettering Crypt True Companion or Niche                                                                         $550.00

Lettering Final Date Crypt or Niche                                                                                    $275.00                

Lettering Marble Niche                                                                                                       $495.00

Lettering Single Crypt (side by side = x2)                                                                           $410.00

Niche Disurnment**                                                                                                            $600.00

Saturday Service Fee 9am to 12:30pm                                                                                $400.00

Saturday Service Fee 12:30pm to 4pm                                                                                $600.00

Traditional Burial M-F*                                                                                                         $975.00

Traditional Child Burial M-F* 0-12 years                                                                             $450.00

Amputation Burial M-F*                                                                                                       $500.00

Refinish Crypt Front                                                                                                            $1,000.00

*A second right of internment must be secured to allow more than one person on any cemetery property or in any single niche or single crypt. No more than 2 cremations will be allowed on a single grave, or in a single niche or single crypt. One traditional burial and 1 cremation is allowed if the second right has been secured  

 **An additional $125.00 processing/administrative fee must be paid for all Disinterment or Disurnment services performed that require County Coroner’s approval.

*** Selected grave spaces only.