Cemetery History


In 2018, Calvary Cemetery celebrated our 150th anniversary!

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_wsb_424x283_Cemetery+July+2011+032+$285CALVARY CEMETERY ~ MANITOWOC
The history of Calvary Cemetery dates back to the early history of St. Boniface Catholic Church. The Manitowoc County Court House records show that Henry Uhrlage and Elizabeth Uhrlage on August 31, 1868 deeded to the Congregation of St. Boniface for consideration of five hundred dollars, five acres of land, Lot 29, Sec. 31, Township 19. This formed the original unit of Calvary Cemetery. St. Boniface Parish followed the eighteen hundred year old tradition of the Catholic Church by providing a sacred place for the burial of her faithful. The church always harmonized with the teaching of her divine founder as we find it so beautifully expressed in the Holy Bible: "You are children of God by faith"(Gal. 3,26) and again, "Know you not, that you are the temple of God." (1 Cor.3,16). Children of God, temples of God deserve the privilege of a burial that is both sacred and Christian in nature.
Calvary Cemetery Association (CCA) was organized for the good of the cemetery, to have charge of the same and conduct all its business on 12-11-1924. Founded in 1862 it consists of 24.61 acres.

It was on November 17, 1848 that Reverend Kaspar Rehrl purchased two lots in Manitowoc Rapids, thus beginning the first Catholic Parish in Manitowoc County. The first Catholic school in Manitowoc County was started at this location in 1857. The cemetery was founded in 1851 and the oldest decipherable stone marks the grave of
"Anna Marie Rief, Mutter von Mathias Rief, geb. 1790 gest. 1856".

October 12, 1861 was the day that Mathias and Bucia Bingen deeded one acre of land to St. Peter's Society of the Town of Newton. The last church building that was built around 1887 was used off and on until September 21, 1929. The bell from the church tower is now located on South 14th and Grand Avenue in Manitowoc. The cemetery was founded in 1821.

ST. MARY'S CEMETERY ~ MANITOWOC_wsb_393x431_Cemetery+July+25+009+$28480

This cemetery was founded in 1887 and consists of 2.27 acres. It is located on the corner of South 18th and Division Streets in Manitowoc. The small cemetery located to the south is used by the Sisters from St. Mary Home (Felician Sisters), not only for the nuns but also for those residents of the nursing home who are without family.