From the Pastor 9/3/17

Dear Parishioners, " You are the center of my life, I will always praise you, I will always love you, I will always keep you in my heart." This was the refrain to our pre-Mass practice song last Sunday. A day later and I'm still humming it as I love the emphasis in this song, to always keep Jesus in the center of my life. It is amazing to me how music shared in church helps to carry the message and speaks of our belief in Christ.

This past weekend just before Mass started, we practiced the refrain to this song. In my quick survey there were some people that already knew this song and by practicing it I heard more participation when we used it at Mass.

When I came at the beginning of the month, one of the concerns expressed to me was that people didn't know the new music and others said that it was good to have new music, just maybe not so fast. In my review of the songs I find that I know most of them, and that a few of them have old melodies set to new words. In our song worship aid I see a good mix of old and new songs.

So, to help teach and to review songs, we are going to take a few minutes before Mass to practice a refrain or the responsorial psalm. Either the priest or the deacon will come down before Mass and invite everyone to listen to the cantor sing the psalm or refrain, and then invite the whole community to sing it.

My hope is that this will help teach us some new music as we go forward. Second, it will help us all to warm up our voices. Third, I hope that it sets the expectation that everyone is invited to sing and that most of the time the words are on the screen. And fourth, it acts as a sound and screen check. We will use this as the welcome to Mass, replacing what the cantor used to say before announcing the song number. I invite you, with a little practice, to join in giving greater glory to God in Song!

Fr. Doug

P.S. Thank you for your generous contributions to the Bishop’s Appeal in support of the ministry of our diocese. Our goal of $178,553 is very close. We only need about $750 more to meet this goal. Please consider a donation if you have not already done so.


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