From the Pastor 12/23/18:

Dear Parishioners,

Happy Advent!  As we live this very short 4th week of advent, as Monday is Christmas Eve, I invite you to ponder our gospel, the Visitation.  As Elizabeth welcomed Mary who was pregnant with Jesus, consider how we will welcome Christ into our Christmas this year.  

In our world of measurements, I find that if we do not set a goal, something measureable, many times nothing happens.  So I wonder how might we measure the success of Christmas?  A white Christmas would be about the number of inches of snow.  A blue Christmas would be about the number of tears shed.  A commercial Christmas would be about the number of dollars spent on gifts.  A party Christmas, the number of pounds gained.  A family Christmas would be about the number of family members that gathered at one time.  A skiing Christmas would be the number of runs down the ski hill.  A sleepy Christmas would be the number of hours slept.  

How would we measure a Holy Christmas?  Might we use Luke 2:19 "And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart."?  That we measure this not just one day, Christmas day, but for the octave of Christmas, 8 days.  That each night we might reflect & ponder with Mary on the Holy events of the day.  

Are we open to realize this goal to grow in holiness and how do we make it happen?  We may lead a special prayer before a meal, gather the family for a blessing of the  Nativity scene, invite someone to come to church, not just on Christmas Eve, but on other days in the Christmas season as well.  Look at our gifts, decorations and words after a great party and ask, “what spoke of our faith in Jesus? How did my TV, movie, and music today speak about Christmas?”

Think of the possibilities of a Holy Christmas and take every opportunity to make it happen, and then ponder with Mary, how our Lord was born not just over 2,000 years ago in a manger, but in our lives this Christmas.  

Blessings on you and your family and friends, as we join to celebrate these holy days of Christmas.  May they be joy filled moments of Jesus in our world.  

Fr. Doug



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