From the Pastor 11/8/20:

Dear Parishioners,
Did you notice that the short pews in the sanctuary at our Grand church site match the pews in the church? The
pews were removed some years ago to make a handicap accessible space. They were stored in the basement of the
Grand site. We were using some chairs and old pews in the sanctuary at Grand that didn't match anything. So
now we have the four short pews and the presider chair. Now, if we could get the cushion on the presider chair to
match to the cushions on the pew, I think it would look even better!
Thank you to our volunteer carpenters for adjustments made to the pews in the sanctuary at the Grand site. To
keep the top of the pew from hitting the wall, a piece of wood was added to the back bottom legs so that it would
meet the baseboard before the top nicked the wall. They also extended the front leg of the pew, so that it would be
stable rather than fasten them to the floor. Good job and thanks! Another great example of stewardship of
service...parishioners sharing their talent with the parish.
Great job last week by Michelle, Elizabeth, and volunteers in putting together a saints parade at the 10:30 a.m.
Sunday Mass at the Grand site followed by "trunk or treat." I even went off course to learn about the saints in the
trunk or treat event. I like St. Mathew (tax collector) who handed out gold coins that were
actually chocolate wrapped in gold paper. Yes, I dressed up, as a priest, and wore my black mask.
Good news, our parish office is open and parish business is back up and going. As we reported last week, one
parish employee tested positive and had close contact with four other parish staff, who had to be
quarantined. This is all following our diocesan protocol. The other four employees have all tested negative, thank
God, and are back to working from the office.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we want to be as safe as we can, and follow COVID
guidelines. One area you may notice is that, since the office was closed, we did not get the money counters in to
prepare the collection for deposit. So, your check didn't get cashed right away, and there are no deposit numbers
to report in the bulletin. Thank you for your donation. We will catch up. The bottom line is that we were blessed
that no spread of COVID happened in our office. I think this goes a long way in saying that social distancing,
masks, and sanitizing are working.
Even though the office is now open, we are doing most of our meetings virtually. We will continue to do this
through the end of the year and with then re-evaluate our options at that time. During this time, we are not
scheduling any outside groups to use our building
We are in the process of making Advent and Christmas
plans. So please do fill out the Christmas Mass
survey! We want to plan accordingly and safely. Be safe
and keep praying for a COVID miracle.
Fr. Doug LeCaptain
P.S. Don’t forget to turn in your Fall Harvest Cash
Raffle tickets! 


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