From Our Pastor: 8/20/17

Dear Parishioners,

Feast of the Assumption of Mary, Aug 15, marks the transition day of getting ready for school. Some of the school staff is back and preparation for the year is going forward. I look forward to the start of school and RE as life of the parish changes and our youth gather for formation. So enjoy these last weeks of summer and ready ourselves to move into our school routines. Thank you to all who gave to the back to school donation to help those in need get off to a good start.

I like to balance beginnings (school) with endings (summer?). I am not ready for summer to be over, so here’s an alternative. $20 on the 20th . I would like your help in ending, or completing, Bishop’s Appeal. We only have about $8,000 to go. If you haven’t made your donation to the Bishops’ Appeal, to help support the work of the diocese, now is a good time. If you have made a donation, please consider taking part in the $20 on the 20th . This Sunday is the 20th of August, so if each of us considers putting $20 in our 2nd collection we will complete our Bishop’s Appeal. If you want to bring it in next week, mark it as a Bishop’s Appeal donation, we will not raise you to $27 on August 27th . Thank you for your generous support of the Bishop’s Appeal and of the parish and do take time to enjoy these nice summer days!

Fr. Doug


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