Fr. Dave's Take on It... 12/9/18:

It was back in the 70’s when professional and somewhat arrogant golfer Ray Floyd was playing at Augusta in his first Masters.  Back then, the players could not bring their own caddies. They had to use one of the locals. Floyd told the caddie master that he wanted a fellow big enough to carry all of his clubs, but who would keep quiet—he needed no advice. The caddie who was assigned to him said, “Hello, Mr. Floyd.” Floyd said, “Hello, and that’s the last I want hear from you unless I ask you a question.”

Everything went well until the 10th hole when Floyd pushed his drive into the trees on the right side of the par 4. After surveying the scene, he said out loud, “I’m going to hit a low fade out through that opening to carry and land mid-green and then roll over the crest down near the hole.” Surprisingly he pulled it off exactly and turned to his caddie and said, “How’s that?” The caddie spoke for the first time and said, “That wasn’t your ball.”

If I were golfing at the time of John the Baptist, I would have spent a lot of time listening to him preach, because I would have been in the desert sand often. The Advent call is to deliberately go into the desert in order to hear not only John the Baptist, but the One who was to come after him. Let us embrace some quiet time to truly listen to the voice of the Lord and respond as fully as we can to his message.

Happy Adventing,



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