Fr. Dave's Take On It 10/8/17

I finally figured out why I have had a problem with weight my whole life. When I was young and had hair, I used shampoo to wash my hair that would, of course, run down my whole body. And it said right on the bottle: FOR EXTRA BODY AND VOLUME. I never paid much attention to that claim, but it certainly was not false advertising. No wonder I gained weight. I should have read the labels more closely and used Dawn Dishwashing Soap. Its label reads: DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE. Now, it’s too late; I have no hair left to shampoo. Oh, well…I may just give it a try as body wash.

Why are we so hard on ourselves? And why are we so hard on others who are truly good and inspired people? In fifth grade I approached my teacher after school one day and asked, “Miss Kokke, may I carry your bag home for you today (in those days, kids and teachers walked to and from school)? My friends teased me and called me a “brown-noser.” And so, from that point on, I have always been a bit leery of people who are “goodie-two-shoes” or just too nice to believe that they’re normal. Sheer goodness just seems to unravel all of us.

The Gospel this weekend is a parable about that very fact—the workers just couldn’t stand how good the landowner and his son were, so their only choice, in their narrow minds, was to get rid of them. They figured the goodness and many gifts they had would then be passed on to them. But, as the story reminds us, while goodness can be contagious, it still has to come from within. Goodness is a choice that I make, like carrying Miss Kokke’s bag home in fifth grade. Let us, then, allow the truly good people among us to inspire us, not disturb us, and may we always be eager to let the light shine through each of us as we inspire others to greatness through our generosity and compassion.

Be good, 

Fr. Dave


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