Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program:

Parents who qualify for this program may have their child's FULL TUITION COSTS PAID through the school choice program.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program?  

Effective July 1, 2013, parents across the entire state of Wisconsin gained the ability to send their children to schools that best fit each child's needs.

The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) pays for a child's tuition to a private or religious school. The program is limited to those families with incomes below 185% of the federal poverty level. Student applications for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program must be submitted online and verified by April 20, 2017.

Who is Eligible for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program?

Begining in the 2016-2017 school year, any pupil entering grades K4, K5, 1, or 9 is eligible, provided they meet the income requirements. If they are not in the grades listed above, they are only eligible if they are transferring from public school or have never been enrolled in a school (i.e., homeschool student).

What can I do if I don't qualify for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program?

Even without the WPCP, we are committed to work with any family that wants a Catholic education at St. Francis of Assisi. Tuition assistance is available for students who wish to attend our great school Please apply for financial aid and let us work with you.

Do I meet the Income Requirements?

To meet the income requirements for the program, a student's family must have an adjusted gross income at or below 185% of the federal poverty level. Here are the 2017-2018 income guidelines:

Family Size Single Family Married Family
2 $29,637 -
3 $37,296 $44,296
4 $44,955 $51,955
5 $52,614 $59,614
6 $60,273 $67,273

*For each additional family member add $7,696


Do I need to Apply Every Year?

All valid applications will either be accepted or placed on the waiting list. The law allows a student to remain in the program as long as the school your son or daughter attends remains in WPCP. Each year, parents need to update their information online and provide residency documentation.

What if My Income Increases Next Year?

Family income may rise once a student is in the statewide school choice expansion. Family income is determined for each student in the year they enter the program. Families could have some children that qualify and others that do not, depending on family income in the year each child enters the program.

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How do I apply for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program?

To apply for the program, a parent or guardian must complete an online application that will be available during the open enrollment period from Fecruary 2 to April 20, 2017. Within the online application, the parent or guardian selects the school to which they wish to apply, for each one of their children. After completing the online application, the parent or guardian must provide proof that they meet residency and income requirements at the schools that they have applied to. The online application is not complete until each school to which the parent or guardian has applied has verified and accepted the required documentation.

What if I Do Not Have Access to a Computer of I am Not Comfortable Applying Online?

St. Francis of Assisi School will have computers available to you along with confidential assistance. Please contact us if you have any questions.

When will I know if My Child Was Accepted?

Within 60 days of submission of an application, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the individual school will contact parents to inform them whether their child has been accepted or if their child has been placed on a waiting list. 

All information provided here is based upon the most recent legislature and DPI policies and is subject to change.

Where Can I Find More Information About the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program?

Department of Public Instruction: (608) 266-2853 or (608) 266-0523  

School Choice Wisconsin: (414) 319-9160  www.chooseyourschoolwi.org

Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools: (608) 287-1224  www.wcris.org

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