Scrip News

News & Business Updates:


The North Face is a Scrip Now retailer $30-$500 in $10 increments at 8% rebate.

St. Nick Scrip cards make great stocking stuffers we have many $5 denomination cards like A&W, Culver’s McDonald’s Dairy Queen.  We have some specials like Panera Bread and Starbuck’s at $5 also.

Special Thursday Sales at the church office 4:30 P.M.-7:00 P.M. on the following dates: 

  • December 7 Christmas is coming….
  • December 21 Last minute shopping

As basketball games are out of town please help reduce our stock for Hardee’s they are in Green Bay and Sheboygan.

Large purchases should be placed on a weekly order form or called or emailed for availability.


The church office will be open to sell scrip during the parade November 22, from 6 PM to 8 PM.
The church office will be open these two evening from 4:30 PM until 7 PM.
~ December 7 Christmas is coming …
~ December 21 Last Minute Shopping!
Order your scrip as early as possible limited quantity and weather delays could be a factor.
There will be no scrip sold at the churches the weekend of Christmas December 23rd and December 24th.
In need of Christmas flowers or poinsettias Roorbach’s and Hartman’s can fill your needs.
Let the Christmas rush begin!
Kari and Angela


Vendor updates:

 Walgreens has lowered their rebate percentage to 5.

Olive Garden (Darden Cards) can no longer be used at Red Lobster.  Please order Red Lobster by writing it in on the weekly order form.

Business Closings:

Hardees in Manitowoc has closed.  We do still have some cards in stock which can be used at any Hardees nationwide.  If you will be traveling for basketball games etc. and might be stopping at a Hardees we would appreciate your ordering a card or two and helping out the scrip office.

Book World is closing.  They will start a closing sale now and be open until the store is more or less empty.  We can’t estimate how long that might be.  If you would like to help us out in the scrip office we have 5 of the $10 certificates on hand and 3 of the $25 certificates on hand.  We have checked with Book World and you can use the gift certificates towards purchases.  We however can no longer purchase gift certificates through our scrip program. 

St. Francis Updates:

Don’t forget about the low denomination scrip vendors that are available for the Christmas season (or until sold out).  Check your last scrip email for a list of those vendors.

To help with your holiday shopping we will be stocking in the daily box a limited amount of $50 Walmart cards and $25 Amazon cards.  As we see the volume we are going through we may be able to update the amount carried.  You can be sure to get what you want by placing a weekly order.  Please note that if you order on a daily order forms and we don’t have them on hand we will either return the money or in the case of Walmart substitute with the $25 cards. 

The parish office will be open for scrip sales all day on Wed. Nov. 22nd (in the past we have closed at noon) as well as 6 to 8 pm during the holiday parade.  We hope this will give you a chance to see any ads for Black Friday and be able to purchase scrip for those shopping trips.  Holiday shopping and traveling is a great time to really add to your scrip profit amounts.  Remember we have a number of businesses that we can order scrip now (certificates that are emailed to us in minutes) and cards that we can reload for different amounts to help with quick turn-around or if you are looking for different denominations for shopping or gift giving needs.  For example we can get scrip now certificates in $100 amount for Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart in minutes or if you wanted to give the babysitter a $20 for Starbucks while you still can order 2 cards we can also reload $10 onto the card you purchase so you only have to handle one card.  Not all businesses do the scrip now or reloads, and not all do the orders in the same dollar amount please call the scrip office with any questions.  Scrip is now also being sold all day at the parish office now during office hours.  This will not change how the daily orders are handled or Friday am walk in sales at the schools at this time.  Please note the office sales are manned by volunteers.  The scrip now and reloading of cards has to be done through the scrip office and it’s possible we might not be immediately available.   If we are not available when you come in please leave your email address with the volunteers and we will email the scrip now certificate to you as soon as possible.  If you currently have a card on file that you have been reloading you can just pay for the order with the volunteer recording the vendor and dollar amount to reload and we order the reload.  If you are purchasing a new card to be reloaded you may take the card with you but  we need the 16 digit number from the back of the card to register it the first time and to do the reload, so please have the volunteer record that number with your sale. Most scrip now and reloads are done in $10 increments not $25.

Watch for your next scrip reports mid Nov.

Kari and Angela, 652-7835/652-7836 or email us at with any questions.


Beginning on Nov. 6th, Great Lakes will be offering special small denomination gift cards for the holidays.  These cards and their dollar amounts are listed below.  The rebate percent is the same as their normal cards.  These cards are in limited supply and once Great Lakes is out I will no longer be able to order them.  Last year the $5 Starbucks cards were out of stock by the beginning of Dec. These lower denomination cards make great stocking stuffers.  Because these are just for a limited time I WILL NOT be updating the weekly order form.  Please save this list and simply write in your order on the WEEKLY order form.


Amazon Gift Cards   $10                                                    

Applebee’s    $10                                                                

Barnes & Noble   $5                                                           

CVS   $10                                                                         

IHOP   $10                                                                         

Meier   $10                                                                        

Olive Garden $10

Panera Bread   $5

Red Lobster    $10

Regal Entertainment   $10

Starbucks   $5

Target   $10

Walmart   $10

All special denomination cards will be ordered and sent home as soon as possible. Please remember to order in time for St. Nick’s!

Please note that the Darden cards for Olive Garden no longer can be used at Red Lobster.  If you need Red Lobster order it by name.

Any questions contact the scrip office at 652-7835 or 652-7836 or email the scrip office at


What is happening in the Scrip Program? We would like to congratulate Cindi Verch on her retirement! Don’t worry as she will still be around but as a volunteer. Kari Strzyzewski and Angela Schneider are settling nicely into their new positions.

Scrip changes:
- Herald Times will no longer be in the Scrip program
- Walgreens went from 6% down to 5%

New to Scrip:
- Fork & Knife = $10.00 at 10%
- Maretti’s = $10.00 at 15%
- In The Moment Restorations = $25 & $50 at 5%

Daily and Weekly Envelopes
We would like to clarify that the clear envelopes are for the Daily orders. They will be filled and sent home that day.
The gray envelopes are for the Weekly orders. They need to be turned in by noon on Friday in order to receive it by the following week.
If you happen to send a Scrip Now through school, please don’t expect it until that evening.
We are still looking for volunteers to help at the schools, churches and the parish office. Would you like to sell Scrip as a family at church?
If you would like to sell at church please contact: Sue Krueger @ 652-7803 or Mark Knipp @ 652-7815.
If interested in selling at the parish office please call Kari @ 652-7835.



BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING: It is hard to believe that back to school shopping is just around the corner. Let scrip help with your shopping and help the school and parish make money at the same time. From paper and pencils, locker supplies, dorm room supplies and new clothes, scrip has got you covered. We have on hand Office Max, Shopko, Wal-Mart and more for those school supplies, Kohl’s for clothing (our kohl’s care cards CAN be used to pay your Kohl’s charge account) and can order you Amazon, Land’s End, JC Penney’s and more. Some of those ordered will take a few days others have certificates that can be emailed to us the same day. Let scrip help with your back to school expenses!


Effective Aug 1, 2017  Herald Times Reporter will no longer be a part of the scrip program due to changes in their office.  We can accept HTR bills for scrip credit until noon on July 31th.  After that we will no longer be able to process bill payment to them.


Please welcome our newest scrip vendor, In The Moment Restorations, located at 931 S. 8th St.   In The Moment Restorations will be offering $25 and $50 certificates at a rebate back to the school and parish of 5%, no change will be given back for the certificates.  The certificates can be ordered on the weekly order form.  In The Moment Restorations offers custom furnishings and décor, locally sourced goods and a gift mercantile.