Edge: Middle School Faith Formation


Program Overview

Edge is our faith formation program for students in grades 6-8.  EDGE is a model of faith formation for middle school students that involves learning in small groups, experiential prayer dynamics, and includes social opportunities such as lock-ins, service projects, and social nights. EDGE seeks to deepen a middle school student’s understanding of their relationship with Christ, and our need for Him in our lives.  Our 2018-19 Edge curriculum will focus on Morality, the Creed, and the Theological Virtues.

LOCATION: St. Francis of Assisi Elementary Campus (1408 Waldo Blvd.) in the Social Hall. 

TIME: Mondays from 6:30-8:00 PM (September - May)

Cost: is $90 for each child Grades 1-11. 

Schedule: Monthly Faith Formation Calendars (Scroll down for the current month.)


Diocesan Safe Environment Communications Policy

 Visit the EDGE International Website! http://lifeteen.com/



EDGE Makeup Work:

Edge Make Up Work for 9/10: Relentless Father - Kickoff

Edge Makeup Work for 9/17: Black and White - Introduction to Morality

Edge Makeup Work for 9/24: Road Map - What is Morality?

Edge Makeup Work for 10/1: Boundaries - The Law

Edge Makeup Work for 10/8: Build Up or Break Down: Virtue and Sin

Edge Makeup Work for 10/15: Live Free: The Ten Commandments

Edge Makeup Work for 10/22: Be Chosen: The First Commandment

Edge Makeup Work for 10/29: Be Named: The Second Commandment

Edge Makeup Work for 11/5: Abide: The Third Commandment

Edge Makeup Work for 11/12: Be Rooted: The Fourth Commandment

Edge Makeup Work for 11/19: Protect Life: The Fifth Commandment

Edge Makeup Work for 11/26: If I'm Being Honest: The Eighth Commandment

Edge Makeup Work for 12/3: By Love, For Love, To Love: The Sixth and Ninth Commandments

Edge Makeup Work for 12/10: Needs and Wants: The Seventh and Tenth Commandments

Edge Makeup Work for 1/7: Spark: The Theological Virtue of Faith

Edge Makeup Work for 1/14: Grounded: The Theological Virtue of Hope

Edge Makeup Work for 1/28: Wildfire: The Theological Virtue of Charity

Edge Makeup Work for 2/11: The Father: God the Father

Edge Makeup Work for 2/18: What We See: Creation of the Physical World

Edge Makeup Work for 2/25: Hidden: Creation of the Spiritual World

Edge Makeup Work for 3/4: The Final Creation - The Creation of Mankind

Edge Make-up Work for 3/11: A Time for Everything: An Issue Night on Time Management

Edge Make-up Work for 3/18: The Big Lie - The Fall of Man

Edge Make-up Work for 3/25: Royal Descent - Jesus' Early Life


If a middle schooler is absent for a week of Edge, middle schoolers are expected to makeup that session by completing the makeup work for the session he or she missed.  Each week of makeup work includes the main points covered in that evening, scripture to read, a short video that covers the topic from the evening, questions to answer, and prayer in which to engage.  After a parent signs off that the middle schooler has completed the makeup work, the middle schooler can receive credit for that session.  Makeup work will be posted below and will be sent to parents via email. 

Contact Elizabeth Fritsch:

 Email:  elizabeth.fritsch@sfamanitowoc.com

 Phone Number: (920) 652-7821