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Each spring, as a part of the annual art show, the St. Francis of Assisi School Outstanding Artist Fine Arts Award is given to an artist who has attended a Catholic school in Manitowoc County.  Past recipients of this award have been:  a woodcarver and painter, a landscape designer, a musician, a museum and art educator, a set designer of film and television, a photographer and a caricature drawer/artist.

For more information, contact the elementary school office at 683-6892.

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 School Music Philosophy


Music is an integral part of a comprehensive education. Music enhances the quality of our lives by extending the boundaries of our thinking, providing an important means for self-expression and personal fulfillment, and by aiding in the development of confidence and self-discipline. Further, music develops within the individual a unique and important mode of conceptualization, evaluation and creativity. The school music program exists to inform, challenge, direct, enhance and provide meaningful experiences so that students may establish a solid and permanent relationship with music.

Important Phone Numbers

Heid Music -  800-236-4343
Golden Ring Music Centre (reeds, music, cleaning kits, etc.) - 684-5242
Mad About Music - 683-3632

Church Choir:

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"Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous deeds!"

The middle school church choir is made up of a group of students who volunteer to lead the music at our school Prayer Services and Masses. These students and their Directors believe that music is an important part of our school liturgies and allows the students to pray not only with words but with music. The choir meets each Monday after school to learn and practice the music for the week's liturgy and learn new songs to prepare for future liturgies.

The choir is made up of students from each grade and we depend on our 7th & 8th grade singers to help train our incoming 6th graders. The choir works hard to find songs that our school congregation can join in and feel good singing. We are proud of those in our Cabrini congregation that support our choir by singing and getting others to join in.

We extend an invitation to all future Middle School students to join us in making our liturgies lively and meaningful by becoming a member of our Church Choir.

Gavel, Justice, Wooden, Mallet Student Council:

The Student Council of the middle school campus plays a large role in student life.  Their prime role is that of serving the school community and having input into school life along with the principal.  Student Council members work with the principal and staff regarding school events, social activities, and service opportunities. Students interview for the positions and are selected based upon completed application, interview, and teacher recommendation. Students from all three grades are eligible to serve on Student Council.