Snow, or other emergencies occuring during the night which necessitate the cancellation or delay of school, will be announced on the school website, school Facebook page, over local radio stations WCUB-980 AM, WOMT-1240 AM and television channels WGBA Channel 26 and WBAY Channel 2. Watch for the name of our school which is “St. Francis of Assisi School.” Every effort will be made to make the school closing announcement by 6:30 a.m.

As a general rule, SFA School follows the same cancellation/delayed opening procedures as that of the Manitowoc Public School District. There may be times, however, that school closings or delays may be done at the discretion of SFA School administration. The purpose of this is to provide maximum safety for students, parents and staff of SFA School. Please listen to the radio and watch our website and Facebook page for details. If the SFA School is closed, the preschool, kindergarten and extended care programs are also closed.

In the event that snow, ice or cold weather emergencies develop during the day, the bus companies may notify the school of an early release. Please note that the release times may vary by building, based upon the bus schedules. SFA School will announce an early release on the school website and on the above listed radio stations. If you see the weather deteriorating during the day, please listen to the radio or visit the school website or Facebook page for information.

Please Note: As a parent, you may decide that the weather is too servere to send your child to school. Your decision is respected and supported by the school.