From the Pastor 2/24/19:

Dear Parishioners, “We have moved mountains of snow”, was the latest report from our maintenance crew. We even had the big front end loader in so that we could reclaim the spots in our parking lots. First, thank you to our maintenance crew for their hard work in clearing out the snow. Second, it is really a challenge to keep the walkways and parking lots free of snow and ice. I ask you to be careful and if there is a slippery spot or some shoveling that needs to be done, help out if you can or let an usher or myself know and we will try to take care of it. Most every church entrance has "ice melt" in a 5 gallon bucket to salt the slippery spots when needed and there are shovels around too. Please try to be aware of areas that could be a problem. Our goal is no slips or breaks. Be safe. Last week, I did see a few parishioners helping others by offering an arm to get through slippery spots on our streets and lots. Thank you for helping out. Together we can get through this winter. Do you know what a parking ticket costs for parking within two feet of someone's driveway? I don't and I hope you don't find out when you come to church. I received a call from a nice neighbor at our Grand site saying that, during weekend Masses, there are cars parked so close to their driveway, less than two feet, that it is very difficult to safely back out. I always suggest using our parking lot. If you choose to park on the street, please check that you are not parked too close to someone's driveway, I would hate for you to learn the cost of a parking ticket. When it comes to snow and cold just think how much more we will appreciate this summer, sunny and 80°. Remember also, everything will be okay, come May, for sure June. Fr. Doug


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