From the Pastor 1/6/19:


Dear Parishioners,

Today we celebrate the feast of Epiphany.  Which means, Christmas season is coming to a close.  I would hope and pray that this not be a moment of returning to the old normal, but rather a new normal.

Having encountered Christ in the celebration of this Christmas, what difference will we allow it to make in our lives? I invite you to take time to reflect on this Christmas and how it changes our lives today.  To reflect, to ponder with Mary at the birth of our Lord and what we take from Christmas.

For me, it was recognizing that personal visits are ever so important in friendships.  That a Christmas card once a year with a promise to visit may just not be enough.  

I made an hour and fifteen minute drive to visit some old friends. Friends that were encouraging and supportive of my priestly ministry and personal life. It was just good to get together to laugh, to eat, and to share life.  I need to do that more often.

The new normal for me is to take time to seek out those friendships and families that bring life, more often than just at Christmas.  What are you going to do in response to having encountered Christ this Christmas?

Happy Epiphany!

Fr. Doug



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