Beautiful Hope Book Blog

Please join us this Lent 2018 in reading "Beautiful Hope" and share your comments about the book in the group.

May you experience renewed hope during these 40 days of Lent!


  • Ruthann Ross

    In the prelude, we are confronted with several questions. For the sake of discussion, I have selected one topic for you to reflect on and enter into discussion here....HOPE. What gives you hope? What sustains your hope? And how can you bring hope to others. Please enter the discussion

  • Ruthann Ross

    Beautiful Hope is a small and manageable book for you to add to your Lenten journey. Please read the Prelude for discussion on Thursday, February 15. Many blessings on your Lenten journey!

  • Ruthann Ross

    Welcome to the Beautiful Hope Blog! We hope that you will enjoy reading the book and joining us here to share your thoughts and insights as you read these chapters. Please check back regularly and participate in the discussion! Wishing you a hope filled 40 days!