3K & 4K Curriculum


The emphasis of the 3K & 4K program is to nurture the child's development through socializing experiences and learning through play. Each child is allowed to progress at his/her own pace.



The child's faith development is nurtured through role modeling of Christian values, daily prayer and by an atmosphere of love and trust.

Art and Music

The 3K & 4K child learns to appreciate the value of creative expression through various music and art activities. Children are encouraged to express themselves freely by using various art mediums. Painting, drawing and craft activities allow children to communicate feelings and ideas. Musical experiences are provided in which children can sing, listen to music and use rhythm and band instruments.

Psychomotor Development

Children develop physical coordination and control through activities that enhance large and small motor skills. Both manipulative and physical activities are used to develop these motor skills.

Language Arts

The 3K & 4K child's development of communication skills is acquired by various listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Children are exposed to many oral language activities as well as listening to others and seeing relationships between spoken and printed material.

Mathematics Readiness

Mathematics readiness is developed through observations, discovery activities, concrete experiences and playful creativity. The 3K & 4K child learns to identify basic colors and shapes. They can compare and classify objects and solve simple mathematical problems.


The child's awareness and appreciation of creation is nurtured through observation and exploration. Children develop respect for themselves, each other and the world around them.

Social Studies

The importance of children learning to adjust to sharing and taking turns is a vital part of the 3K & 4K program. Children learn an awareness and appreciation of self and others. They develop an understanding of the concepts of family and community.

The 3K & 4K rooms are located at our elementary campus. These cheery, well-lit rooms are a warm, loving environment where students grow and develop skills. In addition, students have special access to other areas for specific parts of the curriculum.

The St. Francis of Assisi School PreK has a fully-qualified staff consisting of licensed Early Childhood Teachers and trained teacher assistants.

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